Thursday, November 26, 2015

Is drinking coffee really good for your health and happiness?

We all have heard about the studies suggesting that coffee is a health food. We might have also heard from many health experts that it's not.  Who do we believe?.....

I just wanted to share why I don't drink it.

Many say drinking coffee regularly leads to adrenal fatigue as it keeps your adrenal glands pumping out adrenalin. This puts your body in a heightened state of awareness but also stress as you live in this "fight or flight" mode. If you stay in stress mode, your body and brain have a harder time repairing. Coffee can also rob a person of their deepest sleep cycles so they wake up in the morning still feeling tired. Even if they only drank the coffee in he morning, some caffeine is still present in the body by bedtime and can affect sleep. Coffee also decreases blood flow to the brain which is not a good thing according to World famous psychiatrist, brain researcher and brain advocate Dr. Daniel Amen. I personally tried drinking coffee regularly many times and many times I've had to quit. For me it leads to fatigue, sleep problems and ultimately moodiness and depression. I guess some of this may depend on genetics and dose vs. body weight. I will steer clear of coffee because just like with any stimulant drug, if you are going to have a high, then you will also have to face a low later as you withdrawal. In regards to stimulants, what goes up, must come down. Many former coffee drinkers swear how much better they feel now that they gave up coffee. Withdrawal can be a challenge at first but over the course of several weeks, as your brain rebalances, you start to feel so much better. At least that's been my experience. Just like any pleasure inducing drug, coffee makes you feel amazing at first but as tolerance builds, you have to have your drug just to try and feel normal.