Friday, October 2, 2015

Does what others think about me really matter?

I've heard people say "don't care what others think about you".  What I think they mean by this is that your opinion of yourself matters more than others opinion of you.  Well, I get what they are saying but this is a bit "black and white" in it's saying and I think a deeper understanding through clarification here is needed.....

My thoughts on what others think about me...................

Caring what others think about you benefits you in some ways but also hinders you. Fools hold certain beliefs and sometimes are overconfident in these beliefs. They would benefit greatly from a little self doubt from introspection. If they truly valued wisdom, this would be the byproduct but generally fools do not. Fools project their beliefs out to the world in confidence while wise men, due to their level of introspection and understanding are many times, not as bold. Wisdom has taught them to be a bit more cautious. If a person doesn't care at all what others think, they close themselves off from valuable feedback. This hinders growth. Sometimes negative feedback can benefit us greatly if we are willing to be honest with ourselves and if we are wrong, we can choose to make changes. There must be balance. Caring what others think about me has made me learn to become skilled in presenting myself to others. If I truly didn't care about what others thought, I wouldn't shower or brush my teeth. It is important how others perceive me if I want to have good success, I am very aware of this. Every environment including the public has an accepted protocol I must obey in order to be accepted and remain in that environment. This includes how I dress, how I give eye contact, my facial expressions, my attitude, etc.  I know how awesome and loving my heart is.  I know how I am an awesome human, a safe place for others. I only want the best for all my fellow humans and I want to contribute and give. I want others to become better in some way after meeting me. To be more inspired, encouraged, wiser.  It's very important that what I project externally, matches up with what is going on internally so that I am received well.....  On the other hand, caring so much about what others think to the point where you let your mind obsess over it is not good and will hinder you. This is a distraction, wasting your precious mental energy and hindering your focus. It will cause you to question yourself, to become unsure and lacking in confidence. If you are walking in integrity and doing the right thing, you have to be willing to ignore the haters, naysayers and critics. You can't waste your precious time trying to prove yourself to them because you have important things to get done.  Some people will hate you because you are too good but you must not care about their opinions. You answer to a higher authority. The more you celebrate and project your authentic self, you will begin to discover your true friends but also uncover your true enemies. You must learn to walk amongst the crowd and not let their sometimes fickle opinions get inside of you. As you get stronger, you will learn to even walk amongst your enemies knowing who they are, yet ignoring them while you hold your head up high.  

Blessings- Rob Lovegreen

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  1. Thank you Rob, your words are truly inspiring.