Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Heal yourself

I've heard many critics of alternative healing practices, the vegan diet, paleo  diet, etc. saying that many of these things are based on  'pseudoscience' instead of real science. Many times, these critics are still stuck in the mental matrix and have swallowed whole, the blue pill, ignoring the truth and blinding them from reality. They have bought into the money hungry, pharmaceutical promoting, medical industry generated phrase "trust your doctor." Many and probably most doctors are well meaning but they are taught little about nutrition and much about what drug treats what condition.  There are many studies confirming the amazing power of plant foods and their ability to help the body heal and restore. Yes we should hold tightly to true science and always embrace the truth if we want to evolve personally and collectively but to say these blanket statements calling this move towards wellness through lifestyle and food choices "pseudoscience" is absurd.  We live in a day and age where many doctors won't tell you that changing your diet and lifestyle will allow your body to heal but instead are quick to write you a prescription for a toxic drug. Drugs that many times may cover up the problem symptom while robbing your health in another area of your body. Does that sound like 'pseudoscience'. Well, do your research. There are many people curing and treating themselves through high nutrient diets and lifestyle. When the body is given what it needs to heal, many times it does.  I suggest you do your research on the power of a plant based diet or even paleo diet.  Google Dr. Mary Newport and see how she has halted and reversed to some degree, her husbands Alzheimers by feeding him several tablespoons of coconut oil daily. It's the real deal.  Or google how about Dr. Terry Wahls cured her incurable 'multiple sclerosis' by researching the studies on 'pub med' and then applying her knowledge. Her health had declined to the point where she was in a tilt recline wheelchair and now is well and travels speaking on her story. She found healing through a high nutrient paleo style diet.  Or listen to the words of Dr. Joel Fuhrman on the power of micronutrients which are heavily found in plants but not in animal products.  Do your own research before you dismiss something as 'pseudoscience'. Just because a skeptic says something negative with confidence about alternative medicine and chooses to trust their drug slinging doctor, doesn't necessarily mean that they have all their facts straight. We are only as good as our mentors. Your future is decided by the voice you have chosen to trust and believe.

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