Monday, December 15, 2014

Take your health into your own hands and get great results.

Become your own advocate and see great results in your health. Don't just trust some doctor to make you well. You can do your own research on the internet and apply what you learn with great results. You know that I'm always talking about the power of a plant based diet. It's truly the foundation to heal and prevent any disease.  If you do choose a doctor, have one that is open minded and aware like this gentleman.

This is an amazing story indeed.... 

Dave DeBronkart was diagnosed in January 2007 with kidney cancer at a very late stage.  The odds were stacked against him, with tumors in both lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue. He chose to do his own research on the internet and apply what he learned. If you want "extraordinary" results, then you will have to think in "extraordinary" ways and do "extraordinary" things.  He took 100 percent responsibility for his health and healing. He did his research, fought his cancer with wisdom and healed himself.  

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Exercise improves the quality of your life

If you aren't exercising regularly, this is a great time to start! Exercise is such a great way to start our day. Psychologically, you feel good because you know you have already accomplished something positive for the day. Something that's improving the quality of your life. Exercise changes us biochemically, releasing feel good endorphins. It also raises serotonin and dopamine giving you better focus and improving your mood. Many times, I don't feel like doing it but I get out and do I anyway, knowing that in about an hour afterwards, I will start feeling better and it will help me feel better the next few days too. I will sleep better that night too. When you sleep deeper, this improves hormone levels, improving overall brain function and mood.  Every time you choose to exercise no matter how small of an amount, it's a movement forward towards better health. Better health and better brain function. Regular exercise is proven to actually improve you brain and make you smarter over time through a process called "neurogenesis".  When our brain functions better, we do better. This leads to an improved ability to make better decisions. Better decisions mean we will live a better life. When we live a better life, it's not just for ourselves but for our friends and family too. It affects all who are connected to us really. This is because when we do better personally, we have more to give. More to give at work, at home, more to contribute to society in general.  When an individual reaches their highest potential in life personally, everybody wins. No one is a island unto himself. We are all connected as the human race. Great health is the foundation of it all. The first gift God gives you is your body. When we are young, many don't think about how we treat it and what we put into it in regards to food choices. As we age though, we gain wisdom to know what is good for us. We gain wisdom to know that we are responsible for our health. We can no longer blame this or that for our level of health. It's our choices that have led us to where we are now, and it's our choices that can lead us to a better place tomorrow. Health is true wealth indeed, and everyone can learn how to come up higher in this area. Everyone can learn and apply wisdom here and in doing so will receive the reward for our wisdom. The reward of a life well lived. The reward of reaching our fullest potential and accomplishing our God given purpose while here on earth. <3

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

You are worth it

Choose wisely the people you allow around you. They have your ear and what they say will either help you or hinder you. They will either inspire your  or discourage you... You teach people how to treat you by what you will tolerate from them. It's your responsibility to set boundaries.  When you love and value yourself enough, you will not allow people to speak to you certain ways or treat you bad because you are worth more than that.  

Critics will always be a dime a dozen, especially when you choose to take your own unique path. When you choose to celebrate your authentic self. Ignore these critics. 

Criticism can sometimes be constructive but it's wise to only listen when it's given from people who are qualified to speak into your life. Choose to spend your time with people who value you and believe in you. People who celebrate you, protect and nurture you. 

You are worth it! 

-Rob Lovegreen