Friday, October 10, 2014

Happy hour all day everyday

Happy Hour?.......On my bike ride today I ran into a young guy at the corner while waiting for a red light. He had a Budweiser shirt on with big letters saying "Happy Hour"  I said hello to him then I said with enthusiasm "Happy Hour is right now! I don't mean alcohol, I just mean Happy Hour is now, every hour of every day!. Don't forget it and pass it on."  True story.....

So many people aren't aware of the fact or forget that we actually "create our days"  We can have happy hour, every hour of every day. Happiness is a habit pattern of mind and we can not only develop it but improve and even master it.  New neural pathways are strengthened when we think positive thoughts, laugh and smile.  If you want more happiness, think and be more happy. You have the power to become this. Our chemistry will follow our thoughts and beliefs. Ever heard of "fake it till you make it"? Well, when you act happy, you create the chemistry of happiness.  

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