Sunday, September 28, 2014

Are you really bipolar? Many may go undiagnosed but many are over diagnosed.

So many people are given a label "Bipolar" . Yes there are some that truly have it but so many people are just given that label by a authoritative voice. Once you accept the label, you will see yourself through the eyes of your label. Be very careful what you believe about yourself and it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. That said, "Bipolar" is just a name given to describe the symptoms of having highs and lows. Many people especially artists have higher highs and lower lows than average. It's so important for creative people to learn to master their thoughts. Thoughts lead to feelings. Learning to keep your focus on positive things is paramount to overcoming depression/bipolar. That said, sometimes people do have fluctuation in their brain chemistry which has nothing to do with your focus. Many times depression/bipolar can actually be food sensitivities or hormonal issues manifesting as a mood disorder. I was personally told by a therapist that he thought I was bipolar and that I should try this new drug "Seroquel" I'm so glad I had enough wisdom to not just accept that label and to treat myself naturally. My friend is currently trying to get off Seroquel and is addicted to it. He can't sleep without it. It may have permanently damaged his brain but we are hoping for the best. I think it's wise to choose to not take these toxic drugs they prescribe. Only maybe as a very last resort after natural things are tried. I was psyche tested and it turns out I have ADHD but also struggle with a other "undiagnosed" health condition. Doc thinks it's chronic fatigue. I just went vegan though with emphasis on raw foods. I expect great results in time eating these healing plant foods. Oh and I'm a artist. I compose electronic music, paint and write. I tried prozac and other anti-depressants years ago. While on them, I lost my creative abilities in writing and composing music. This along with other horrid side effects. I'd rather use natural things to heal my body and brain rather than suffer the side effects short term and long term.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Choose your thoughts wisely because thoughts eventually become things

God gives you a memory to learn from your past. God gives you a imagination to pre-play your future. You decide what "vision of your future" you want to hold in your mind. The "vision" you decide to hold in your mind is a powerful tool in moving you towards the future you desire. Never underestimate the power of your thoughts. Choose them wisely because thoughts eventually become things.