Friday, August 1, 2014

The prescription drug pipeline that is killing Americans and so many around the world

There is a pipeline of prescription drugs being piped to the people. And the people's overall well-being is not the top priority of those pushing drugs.  The motivation behind it all is money.  In a capitalist system, the desire for profit drives new innovation, growth and change. This is good and bad. Bad to some degree when it comes to medicine though.The problem comes into play when it's about peoples health.  

Let me tell you a story....

I had an opportunity to work in car sales years ago. Before you judge me, hear me out lol.  I took the job but only worked there 3 months. I have done sales very successfully for many years so I thought I would do well here. My boss told me "don't worry about the numbers, test drive with the customer, bring them in the office and I will take over."  My job was to land the customer on a car and then my boss would close the deal. Half the time I didn't know what they were doing, they didn't share. I did happen to see things that I wasn't proud of and that went against everything that I stand for. I started to realize that I was the nice shiny bait, pulling in the customer then my boss would go for the kill so to speak.  I remember things happening like a young guy buying his first new jeep. After he agreed to buy, they sent him to finance where they sold him a "lojack" system to track his jeep if it was stolen.  They tacked on another 1500 -1700 for this.  Now since the car is new, it's fully insured so if it were to get stolen, the insurance company would pay it off anyway.  It's not like he was buying a Lamborghini or other high end car, did he really need a lojack?  The answer is no, he didn't. This bothered me as it seemed to lack morality in business.  I had other instances where they fudged the numbers so they appeared on the computer screen that the dealership was only making a very small profit when they actually were lying to the customer. They would look the customer in the eye and show them the computer screen and say "we are only making 100 dollars on the deal", just to close the sale. Later they would change the numbers to reflect the true profit and would show me and laugh at the customer.  I was bothered by the fact that they cared nothing about being honest. Because we were on the same team and I was getting the commission, I felt responsible for their immoral actions.  I couldn't believe in the people who I was working with and could no longer stand to be a part of a organization that didn't have the best interest of the customer in mind. I ended up leaving.  

Now I said all that to make this point.  I don't believe that their is some conspiracy where all docs are out to make money at the expense of unsuspecting people and with no regard for their true wellbeing.  There are probably some doctors that don't care but most do I believe and probably went into medicine to make a positive difference in the lives of others.  

The problem is that, just like me when I was working in car sales, they are in a system that is broken to some extent.  It's money driven and this is causing a conflict as money is the motivation of big pharma and their influence on medicine has created a system where they don't really promote health or healing as much as "treating disease" with toxic drugs.  They make a lot more on treating disease than they do on curing it."  They promote "early detection" instead of "prevention". They could funnel money towards education in "prevention" but there is no money to be made here. So doctors have become the extending arm of Big Pharma. Big pharma funds the studies, manipulates the results to get their drugs approved and influences doctors from the very start of medical school.  Many doctors now dish out drugs with little regard to the possible harm that could come upon those taking the drugs. They are taught to believe in these drugs and that this is the way you practice medicine.  Doctors take a oath to "first, do no harm"  yet they are harming people with toxic drugs.  Something has to change and it is changing. I believe that many years from now, we will all look back and realize how barbaric medicine was at this time in history. That doctors were poisoning people with prescription drugs. The answer to health is not in the "new wonder drug." 

The answer to health is and has always been found in food and lifestyle.

Hippocrates (the founder of modern medicine) said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”  You can't patent food and lifestyle though so you can't make billions off of just telling people to eat their fruits and greens, get some sunlight and move your body regularly.

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