Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Discover your gifts and be rewarded for them

Everybody has areas they are gifted in but many people don't even know what there greatest gifts are though. Some have discovered their greatest gifts and have become very effective in them and have been rewarded for them while others haven't. Many have overlooked their gifts and since they have not celebrated them, they have gone unrewarded for them.

Sometimes it can be hard for some to discover their greatest gifts because we generally look to others for validation.  When we don't get it, we can sometimes overlook our area of gifting. In the past, I've met people with amazing gifts that when I told them how amazing they were you could tell that they just didn't believe it. They just couldn't see it. It's possible to be blind to your own gifts and to underestimate yourself.  Since we tend to be our own worst critics. We can pick ourselves apart and even devalue ourselves.  We might do something amazingly well, but we might overlook this because it comes natural for us and is easy for us to do it. What you do with ease, others may have to struggle to do it. Others may look at us and wish they had what we have, yet we are blind to our own greatness. 

When you are amazingly gifted in something, there seems to be three reasons why many people won't tell you. 1. Because they don't value your gift because it does not benefit them. (your gift will not be celebrated everywhere) 2. Because they think you already know how good you are at your gift. 3. Because they are jealous and they wish they had your gift. 

You have to learn to discover your own unique gifts. Discover what it is that sets you apart. No one can do it exactly like you can do it. It's your unique gifts  that set you apart and when in the right environment, these gifts make you valuable to others who need what you have. You must go where you are celebrated, not just tolerated. 

Once you discover your gifts, you have to learn to believe in yourself and your gifts. It doesn't matter what others say or think about you or your gifts. It only matters what you think and say about you. You can't expect others to believe in you if you don't believe in you. When you start to really celebrate yourself and your unique gifting, then others will begin to celebrate you too.  Something that goes uncelebrated, goes unrewarded. When you realize the true value of what you have and begin to celebrate it, you will begin to be rewarded for it.

Blessings- Rob

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