Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We the people have the power to choose the destiny of our country

We the people have the power to choose the destiny of our country. We as a country, as a people can vote our way into, and out of oppression and tyranny. We have the power to vote unprincipled men and women out of office and vote in honest principled men and women who honor the Constitution.  Let us never forget the morally based laws that our country was founded on and the intent of our forefathers when they set up the four branches of government as a set of "checks and balances" to prevent any one branch from becoming too powerful. Inside every human being is the ability to abuse power and absolute power corrupts. Remember, we the people have the power to protect our own streets. To provide safe communities for our families. We vote to have law enforcement to serve and protect but sometimes there is abuse here. We must not look to government to provide what we can provide for ourselves. This is true for all government.  When government gets too large and intrusive, we lose our individual freedoms.  Freedom does not mean that we can live lives without restraint though. That leads to hurting ourselves and others when we live without moral restraint.  Instead freedom means we have the capacity to decide our own future to a great degree. We can choose to work hard for what we want and become something that we are not. We can rise from the ashes and help others to do so as well. We have a voice and a vote and the power to influence others and join up with others of similar beliefs.  We have the freedom to work together to make not just our community a better place for all but also our state, nation, and world a better place for all humanity. Let us not forget the bigger picture here. When we use our freedom to become the best person that we can, developing our character, it does not just benefit us but also every other human being.  Our lives shout aloud a message for all to hear. The message that our lives speak, is directly connected to our character.  We can choose to be a guidepost or lighthouse to others.  With our lives, we can shine light in the darkness or choose to contribute to the darkness.  You have more power than you think.

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