Thursday, July 24, 2014

Be free to be you

There comes a time in your life when you are tired of doing what others think you should do and you have the courage to do what you love and have a passion for. In your heart, you say to yourself "I really want to do this or that.",  but that voice in your head answers back "you can't do this or that" for whatever reason.  Well, that voice in your head many times is the voice of others from your past. Many times, it's the voice of fear. Fear restricts while faith liberates. Fear is a choice but so is faith. Have courage to celebrate your own unique vision and work hard to make it come to pass. When you face an obstacle, know that you will find a creative way around it as long as you are fully committed to your vision. When you are working towards what you love, it's really not work at all because you love what you do. You'll never be great at anything you don't have a passion for, at best, you will be mediocre. When you have passion for something, you will spend hours doing it and you will be energized by it.  When you find those things you really love, pursue them with all your heart. Your passion will be contagious and inspire others to pursue their passions also. The right people will also show up in your life to walk beside you in your endeavors. Living out your authentic vision allows the right people with similar interests to find you. Partnerships are born and there's power in the right partnerships. There is a multiplication factor because of synergy. 

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