Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms

Are you doing anything special for your mom today?  My mom has been in heaven for quite some time.  My family lost her to cancer when I was 23. Yesterday I asked God to give her a message. To tell her that I love her and miss her. I'm grateful for all that she taught me and how she nurtured and protected me.  I believe the message got through.  I have a book of wisdom quotes. I open up the book every day or so, read a random quote and meditate on how it applies to my life.  Well this morning I opened it up to this quote.  "Ignorance is no excuse for the law."  I then opened up to another random quote on a random page and out of over 5000 quotes, guess what it was?.... "Listen to your mother". I smiled real big and began to think, what do these messages mean?  What are they trying to tell me?   Well the law doesn't just refer to societies laws but also the laws that God set up. The laws of nature and the laws set forth in the bible.  There are health laws, laws of increase, laws that govern relationships, etc.   Wisdom is the knowledge of these laws applied to our lives whether we are aware of them or not.  Ignorance of these laws is no excuse.  We will still pay the price for the seeds we sow if we disobey Gods laws or go against the laws of nature that He set up.  We will also reap the benefits as we learn these laws and apply them to our lives.  The second quote I got that said "listen to your mother" speaks not just what your mother said with her words to you but also her life that she lived or lives before you now.  You can learn from your moms good qualities and also from her failings.  I'm sure pretty much every mom wants what's best for her children, even if she is not capable of always giving it. Sometimes some moms can be so caught up in their own problems that they can't always give what their kids need. After all, moms are imperfect humans too.  All of the good qualities you see in moms and dads are also found in God. God made man and woman in His very own image.  Women reflect some different qualities than men and both genders reflect different good qualities found in God.  I was blessed this morning to get this message from my mom or God or whatever.  It has inspired me even more to live a good life worthy of my mom's and God's approval.  Happy Mother's Day mom, and happy Mother's Day to all the mothers. You may never know in this life, the full extent of all the positive things you've you've done for your children and the world and what legacy of love you will leave behind.

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