Friday, April 18, 2014

Just believe

In life, you will have those who encourage you and those that discourage you.  Those that judge you, and write you off, and those who let you be yourself and are fine with that. You will have unconditional love from some and hatred for no apparent reason from others.  You will have those who remove stumbling blocks from your path and those who put them there.  There will be people who give you a chance and a hand up and those who slam the door shut tight and don't believe in you.  This happens to all of us and the more you live out your authentic self and follow your heart, you will run into both these types of people. Those that are for you and those that are against you. We are not just on the receiving end in this but also the giving end.  We too have been the negative voice or stumbling block in someone else's life.  We have also been the one to help another and open doors for them but also the one to shut the door of opportunity. We are all capable of good and evil. Love and hate, etc.  This is all the more reason to be extra careful about how we treat others and to be sure we walk in love and fairness with others.  Only God can truly judge people because only God truly knows the whole story and the person's back story. The only person you truly have to give account for your actions to is God Almighty.  The good news is that God is for you.  Just like everything created by God is made for a purpose, to bear fruit in it's season and prosper, God made you to bear fruit and prosper.  The battle is really over your mind.  What are your going to believe? Who are you going to listen to?  Do you believe the negative voices? Sometimes they may even be your own because of negative programing. Instead, do you choose to believe the voice of God? God's voice is the voice of faith and love. God's voice is the encouraging voice, telling you that.... "you can make it. You can do it. Even if you fall, you can get up and carry on!".......... Lord, today make me a instrument of your divine love to myself and others.  Let me guard my heart and only allow your voice to penetrate.  Let my words be encouraging to myself and others. I choose to believe your voice no matter what the circumstances may be.  I choose to trust you in faith that you have not only made me to prosper but you will be with me through all the hard times and give me your grace to overcome.  AMEN!

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