Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Helping others less fortunate than ourselves

This is a picture of Aron, a homeless guy that the Lord led my way and told me to help. I met him coming out of Walmart. He was asking me for money. I didn’t give him any money but stopped and asked him in sincerity,  “how did you end up here, all dirty and on the streets?  He told me he started smoking “spice” and has been doing so for 40 days.  “Spice is a synthetic drug sold in some convenience stores and smoke shops.  It’s sold as potpourri or air freshener to evade the US drug laws. The stores sell it with regard for laws but without regard for how it is hurting people and with only staining more money in mind.   Spice is terrible for the brain and is hurting so many people as it damages their brains and their future potential.  I was talking to Aron, the homeless guy about this and how the Lord can restore him.  Get him back into school, back on his own two feet.  He was receptive and let me talk with him and pray for him.  Two days later I was getting off the bus heading to Canyon Hills church and he just happens to be on the same bus. We meet again and he says he just got out of Mary K Shell mental facility where he was staying overnight and got on this bus and was getting off at the same stop as me. I knew this was no coincidence as God obviously has His hand in this one. He was excited to see me and told me with excitement that he just threw away his “spice” yesterday, dumping it out and that he was quitting.  He wanted a better life for himself and his daughter and this “spice” was making him crazy. Since I was heading to church, I asked him if he wanted to join me and he did.  He was showered with love at church and a gentlemen there with a ministry called “Mission to Home” is now working to get him into the Bakersfield Rescue mission so they can help him get back on his feet.  In this picture, Aron is wearing his new second hand pair of jeans I bought for him from the goodwill before buying him lunch and eating with him so we could talk some more.  His clean shirt in the picture was given to him by someone else who helps the homeless.  Before that he was wearing a dirty worn out shirt and pants.   In the picture, he’s showing his old worn out pants that he wore for 40 days without washing them.  He is so grateful for the help and hopefully soon he will be back on his feet with the help of Louie, Canyon Hills, The bakersfield rescue mission and anyone else God sends his way…...  We all have our own problems and issues but we can always help out another human who is hurting.  Even in the midst of our own struggle, we can still reach out.  I’m thankful to God for this opportunity to help someone less fortunate than myself and I am excited to see what great things God has  in store for Aron.  I shared this story for the purpose only of inspiring others to also do their part in helping others less fortunate than themselves.  It might not be a homeless person, it might be a co-worker of a neighbor.  Be open to who God puts into your life and be open minded about how you can help. Sometimes it’s just a smile and a kind word that really costs you nothing but a small bit of your time.

Update!..........After going to church a few times, he decided to take the next step.  He had already asked Christ into his life.  Yesterday he got baptized.

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