Friday, March 7, 2014

Leaves emerging, announcing that spring is here. Yay!......That's my crape myrtle tree I planted last year. This will be the second time it blooms in my yard and I'm excited LOL. They are so pretty. I think it's cool how sometimes things in our life may look dead and lifeless for a season like this tree in winter. But seasons change and so do things for us. Nothing is impossible with God. Sometimes it's not God saying no on our dreams, they may be delayed until the right season but they are not denied. Grateful!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

God always provides

I saw this older homeless man today that I know. I have talked with him several times. He has shown up a few times and I have felt like God wanted me to buy him food. He was a little drunk on beer. He told me that it might rain later. I asked him where he goes in the rain. He says he finds shelter somewhere like under an over pass. He said to me as he has said before "God always takes care of me." I know exactly what he's talking about and I feel that I'm part of Gods hands reaching out to this man, giving a few dollars so he can buy some food. Or beer. I told him that the money was for whatever he needed. I told him in a concerned voice to take care of himself. Later in the conversation, when I was leaving, he told me the same thing. This man is living his life on the streets and is an alcoholic I'm sure but he knows about God and Jesus and puts his trust in God and says that "God always provides for him. I can relate to this in my life. God has been there for me all my life. I didn't think so much of it though when I was younger. When you are young and strong and haven't been kicked around much yet by the trials life sends. I have especially noticed God's provision in the past few years though as I have been faced with some great challenges. God doesn't promise us that there will be no suffering in fact the bible tells us that we will experience much of it. God doesn't leave us high and dry though, God promises that he will provide for us in our time of need and always be there with us. Why does the universe work the way it does with all this suffering and stuff? I don't know but then again, I'm not as smart as God, and since this universe and everything contained in it is his work of art and not mine, I guess I have to play by His rules and trust Him that He paints his picture with purpose in mind.