Thursday, August 22, 2013

Is secret hidden MSG killing off your brain cells slowly, making you dumber?

In case you didn't know "MSG" the food additive is what is called a exitotoxin.  Eating "MSG" actually excites some of your brain cells to death.

I"m sure you would agree that this is not a good thing as you need all the brain power you can get to make good decisions for your life.  

"MSG" is found in many processed foods and many times is secretly hidden in the ingredients label.

 How is it hidden?  It has many different names.  Follow the link below to see the list, then check some of the processed foods in your kitchen.  You may be surprised and if you value your brain, you may want to throw some things out.  When you go shopping, you may start a new habit of reading labels.  That is if you do decide to buy processed foods.  It's probably best if you avoid them though and stick with whole foods.   The closer the food to it's original state (less processed)  is usually the best.

Click the link below to see the hidden names for "MSG"

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