Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Start improving your health with this awesome blender for less than $60.00 Dollars

I just bought a new blender and it's awesome!!!  

I wanted a vita-mix or a Blend-tec that are both great machines but I am so grateful to have discovered  this one.  

Believe it or not! The "Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1005" tied in regards to overall ratings, with the Vitamix 5200. 

What's the big deal you ask? 

 How about the difference in price?  

How about saving almost 400 dollars by choosing the "Ninja"?

On a side note,  did I ever tell you about how when I was a kid, I used to love "ninja movies"? 

My father supported my interests and allowed me to buy a full ninja suit, on a trip with him to China Town in The great City of Los Angeles.  

I also bought a butterfly knife, throwing stars and a blow gun from a gun show in North Carolina. We brought them back with us on the plane in our checked luggage. I doubt you'd get away with that today LOL!  The world has changed a lot since that time.

Although I never took my throwing stars or other weapons out of my own yard as I was taught respect for these things by my father.  

This is a true story! 

Many times, I was inspired by these "ninja movies" or the latest edition of "black belt" magazine and I would dress up in my full Ninja suit and sneak around the neighborhood at night.  

I'm sure if a kid did that today, he would probably get shot. :/

  Anyways, back to blenders.  I just got my "Ninja" from Sam's Club and it works great and it was cheaper there than many places I found online.  

I paid about $53.00 Dollars out the door and it comes with a 1 year warranty. 

I have thirty days to decide if I want another year extended warranty for only 5 dollars more.  

Usually, extended warranties are not a good deal because they are a gamble and the odds are not in your favor.  

If you buy a good product from a quality company, you can usually count on the product to work and continue working well far beyond the warranty.  How could could a company stay in business if their products were always failing?  

They generally give the consumer a warranty on their products to ease their mind in regards to their purchase and hopefully eliminate the consumers fear of loss in buying a product, only to have it fail and them lose money.  I think they also give the buyer a warranty so they can have an opportunity to fix a buyers problem they might have with one of their products if it should fail in a unreasonable amount of time after purchase. Any good company wants to protect their reputation as consumer word of mouth can either make them or break them. 

From what I"ve read about the "consumer reports rating" that they gave the "Ninja Master Prep Professional QB1005" and considering my own experience with this unit so far, I highly recommend this blender. 

If your goal is to get healthier this year and you haven't already done so, consider adding a daily blended fruit smoothie or green smoothie to your regimen.  The only real side effects are that you might lose some unwanted fat and increase your overall health. I wrote a blog on using "green smoothies", here's the link............. 

"Green smoothie, Ten minutes a day that can change your life in an amazing way"

I also recommend "green smoothie" as it is a great source of inspiration. 

Blessings -Rob 

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