Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Test your brain function and experiment to find what improves your overall performance

This is so cool! A free site to test and assess your cognitive abilities such as memory, reaction time, flexibility etc. You can then join group experiments already set up or create your own to see what different things in your daily regimen, food intake, exercise, etc., help or hurt your overall brain function. Find out if things like coffee really help you be more productive, or is it actually hurting your overall productivity. What time of the day your brain is most productive? Do any supplements or amount of exercise increase your cognitive function? I signed up and am going to start taking the tests and experimenting. I'm very much interested in improving my brain, as a person's quality of their decisions in life are directly related to the health of their brain. So says world famous psychiatrist Dr. Daniel Amen, (Amen Clinics). How bout you? Are you passionate about improving your brain and life?... Join me?....

Check out Quantified mind at this link