Sunday, January 6, 2013

Your life is only as good as the quality of your thoughts

We all want a better life.  We all want to be happier every day.  To feel those feelings that make us feel happy and alive.  Those feelings that make us feel hopeful, peaceful, happy.

Imagine for a moment a time in your past where you felt a sense of awe and reverence.  Maybe it was a time in nature viewing a huge waterfall.   Maybe it was while at the beach, playing in the ocean watching the waves as they just keep coming and coming.  Crashing waves with so much power. The thrill.  Maybe is was during a thunder storm watching lighting strike and having huge rumble of thunder as it's low frequencies shake everything.  Remember that feeling of awe and excitement? That sense of reverence realizing the power of nature?  How about watching a good inspirational movie like "It's a wonderful life"  with Jimmy Stewart.   The part where "a flood of townspeople arrive with more than enough donations to save George and the Building and Loan"?   You felt touched.  You felt a sense of compassion.  This made you feel alive. 

Maybe it was a time you opened up your wallet and gave to a needy person, bought them groceries or helped them fix their car.   You felt compassion.  You felt love.  You felt as if your life had such worth and a reason for being here on this planet other than just to use up resources.  You felt alive.

These noble feelings don't have to to be just reserved for rare occasions. You can live daily with the hope, inspiration and excitement that you felt during these situations.  Just simply be aware of your thoughts.  Are they thoughts of happiness, giving, compassion?  Are they thoughts of judgement, anger, fear?

Your life is only as good as the quality of your thoughts.  Your life is not somewhere in the future or somewhere in the past.  The fact is you don't have these things. You only have this moment right now. You are only living now in this very moment.  Focus your attention there.

The thoughts you are thinking right now are determining your feelings and either inspiring you to feel hopeful and happy or fearful and angry.

We can be greatly influenced by what we watch on tv, listen to in music or other people we are around but ultimately we decide the quality of our thoughts.  We decide what TV programs we watch or what music we listen to.  If you think your not being effected by these things then think again.  

An example of this is how huge corporations spend millions of dollars in advertising just to have 30 minute commercials between TV shows knowing that they are actually creating emotional ties between you and their product.   They want to create positive associations in your sub conscious mind so that you desire their product.  

Why would they do this if it didn't work?  The fact is that it has been proven that it does work so if they can have your attention, they can in a sense, program your mind.  They can influence you to desire their products hoping you will act on these desires and eventually buy them.

Have you ever noticed that the mainstream news channels only show you a small part of what is happening in the world?  There has to be more going on that is news worthy right?   They repeat one story for several days interviewing different guests, discussing this one issue.  What they are really doing is trying to set the agenda for the people.  They program the masses on what "should be" thinking in regards to certain issues.  They set the quality and content of your thoughts.  You may feel like they are not influencing you and that you think for yourself, but just the very fact that they are only showing you what they want to show you is influencing your ideas and opinions.  Like the famous music artist John Mayer says in his song " If you own the information, you can bend it all you want."

It's obvious that with air time so costly and limited,  they can only discuss so much.  So my question is "Why don't they choose more noble things to talk about"?   Don't get me wrong, sometimes what they are discussing is important and noble and should be given attention but what about things like poverty?  What about things like the problems with school lunch programs feeding our children low nutrient processed foods laden with high fructose corn syrup?  Or about how our teachers should be paid more but also required to do more and how the standard of our schools should be higher?  

If I was running my own news network, you can but that I would spend the air time differently.

Where am I going with all of this?........

When you choose to allow others to have your ear, you allow them to set the quality of your thoughts and this sets the quality of your feelings. Since your life is now in this very moment, then your life is only as good as the quality of your thoughts and since you can only think about one thing at a time, then why not choose positive noble thoughts?  Thoughts of kindness and compassion. Thoughts of hope faith and love? Thoughts of restoration and healing? Thoughts of health and prosperity?  It takes the same amount of energy to think of these things as it does negative thoughts of anger, resentment, fear, etc. so why not choose the noble thoughts?

 Life is really too short to spend your mental energy on negative things.  I'm not saying ignore the negative but how you intrepret the negative means the world.  You can choose to view life's  challenges with a positive expectancy attitude or a negative dreadful one.  It's really a matter of choice. Your choice. Choose your thoughts  wisely. 

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