Wednesday, January 2, 2013

How to Live a Rewarding Life even with chronic illness

We all have to face challenging things in life.  Life is full of suffering and if we aren't experiencing some now, we will most definitely experience some later.  In life, some are faced with what appears to be more suffering than the average person.  This of course is how it seems but it is really hard to measure and compare since no one but God actually knows what each man has to face and why.

How about the man wrongfully convicted for a crime who spends 20 years of his life in prison for a crime he did not commit?  

What about someone who is faced with a chronic illness causing much pain for them that they daily have to endure?

Most who live in pain, don't go around telling everyone that they are suffering, they simply suffer alone and do the best they can to manage.   I often wonder if the grumpy lady working the register at the local store has much more going on in her life than just a bad attitude.

How does one live with a chronic illness and find hope and meaning in this life?  How does one life with the disappointments that life will certainly bring?

Dr. Larry Berkelhammer has committed his life to teaching what he calls "Mindfulness based mastery and well being practices"   to help people improve their quality of life in spite of the pain, fatigue, or malaise people with illness face.  He has worked in psychotherapy for many years working with these people.  In the video below, he shares his story and some great wisdom to help us all find more meaning and peace in life even as we are all faced with challenges.

For more inspiration from Dr. Larry Berkelhammer check out his blog on his website. He's got a lot of really great wisdom there.

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