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Low dose Nicotine to treat depression, ADHD and mild cognitve impairment

Everyone has heard that smoking tobacco is bad for you.  This is proven by science as it leads to lung cancer, emphysema and other health problems.  But smoking is only one method of deliver for Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco. Transdermal Nicotine Patch can be used and is much safer than inhaling tobacco smoke. Nicotine is natural and therefore can't be patented so you probably won't hear about using it as a medicine from your doctor, but new studies, such as the one linked to at the bottom of the page,  have shown that it is effective in treating some conditions.  This medicine from nature can be used to treat depression, alzheimers, ADHD, and mild cognitive impairment. It even might help repair the brain as written in this article by Science A Go Go.  

Drugs made from naturally occurring chemicals found in nature tend to be safer than man made pharmaceuticals and tend to have less side effects. For this reason, this seems like a possible safer option to treat these conditions. Nicotine raises the brain chemicals Dopamine (brain chemical responsible for focus, attention, etc.) and Norpinephrine (also for attention, focus, energy, motivation,sexual enjoyment,etc.) 

 I recently have been having problems with my focus and memory and have been pretty concerned about this. I thought I would try an experiment with Nicotine to see if it would help me. After smoking a couple of natural cigarettes I got from a friend,  I was focused, talkative, could read and retain information better. This effect lasted all night. That night I slept really good and had real vivid dreams. The next day I also experienced these positive side effects. This spurred me to more research into this and that's where I found that Nicotine can be used to treat mild cognitive impairment, ADHD, Alzheimers, etc. It makes sense since it seems that everything we need to survive and thrive is found in nature. Sometimes hidden, awaiting mans discovery. Since you can't patent natural things, you won't hear much of it in the mainstream media because big pharma spends millions each year with these networks to run their drug ads so there is a conflict on interest.  

I'm going to give it a try as an experiment soon to see if it helps me long term. I'll post my results on Facebook and you can message me there if you want to talk with me more about it.  

I'm currently starting another experimental treatment but after that I will be trying the nicotine. I'm awaiting the arrival of my natural dessicated thyroid (Armour brand) from a overseas pharmacy. I'm going to experiment with that first since through my research, I've discovered that thyroid dysfunction and be the cause of many illnesses from depression to chronic fatigue syndrome.  One of the symptoms of low thyroid function know as (Hypothyroidsm), is brain fog. Although one's standard medical tests can show their thyroid in normal range, one could still suffering from hypothyroid and would benefit from dessicated thyroid.  Many people may have Hypothyroidsm and not even know it which leads to brain issues, fatigue, low energy, digestion problems, immune problems and more. 

*I've written about hypothyroid before on my blog and you can read more AT THE LINK HERE

*You can also read more about Nicotine in a article from Science A Go Go AT THE LINK Here

* Here's the link to one study about using Nicotine for mild cognitive impairment.


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