Friday, November 23, 2012

Patients taking their health into their own hands with great results

More and more patients are taking control of their own health rather than just relying on their doctor to fix their problems.  The free exchange of information on the internet is creating a revolution in the healthcare industry as more and more patients are becoming more educated and in turn, making more intelligent decisions about their health.  They are finding doctors that will work with them in finding solutions, not just dictate to them as an authority figure.

Dave DeBronkart was diagnosed in January 2007 with kidney cancer at a very late stage.  Odds were stacked against him, with tumors in both lungs, several bones, and muscle tissue. He fought and overcame his cancer.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Low dose Nicotine to treat depression, ADHD and mild cognitve impairment

Everyone has heard that smoking tobacco is bad for you.  This is proven by science as it leads to lung cancer, emphysema and other health problems.  But smoking is only one method of deliver for Nicotine, the active ingredient in tobacco. Transdermal Nicotine Patch can be used and is much safer than inhaling tobacco smoke. Nicotine is natural and therefore can't be patented so you probably won't hear about using it as a medicine from your doctor, but new studies, such as the one linked to at the bottom of the page,  have shown that it is effective in treating some conditions.  This medicine from nature can be used to treat depression, alzheimers, ADHD, and mild cognitive impairment. It even might help repair the brain as written in this article by Science A Go Go.  

Drugs made from naturally occurring chemicals found in nature tend to be safer than man made pharmaceuticals and tend to have less side effects. For this reason, this seems like a possible safer option to treat these conditions. Nicotine raises the brain chemicals Dopamine (brain chemical responsible for focus, attention, etc.) and Norpinephrine (also for attention, focus, energy, motivation,sexual enjoyment,etc.) 

 I recently have been having problems with my focus and memory and have been pretty concerned about this. I thought I would try an experiment with Nicotine to see if it would help me. After smoking a couple of natural cigarettes I got from a friend,  I was focused, talkative, could read and retain information better. This effect lasted all night. That night I slept really good and had real vivid dreams. The next day I also experienced these positive side effects. This spurred me to more research into this and that's where I found that Nicotine can be used to treat mild cognitive impairment, ADHD, Alzheimers, etc. It makes sense since it seems that everything we need to survive and thrive is found in nature. Sometimes hidden, awaiting mans discovery. Since you can't patent natural things, you won't hear much of it in the mainstream media because big pharma spends millions each year with these networks to run their drug ads so there is a conflict on interest.  

I'm going to give it a try as an experiment soon to see if it helps me long term. I'll post my results on Facebook and you can message me there if you want to talk with me more about it.  

I'm currently starting another experimental treatment but after that I will be trying the nicotine. I'm awaiting the arrival of my natural dessicated thyroid (Armour brand) from a overseas pharmacy. I'm going to experiment with that first since through my research, I've discovered that thyroid dysfunction and be the cause of many illnesses from depression to chronic fatigue syndrome.  One of the symptoms of low thyroid function know as (Hypothyroidsm), is brain fog. Although one's standard medical tests can show their thyroid in normal range, one could still suffering from hypothyroid and would benefit from dessicated thyroid.  Many people may have Hypothyroidsm and not even know it which leads to brain issues, fatigue, low energy, digestion problems, immune problems and more. 

*I've written about hypothyroid before on my blog and you can read more AT THE LINK HERE

*You can also read more about Nicotine in a article from Science A Go Go AT THE LINK Here

* Here's the link to one study about using Nicotine for mild cognitive impairment.


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Buy a lotery ticket or save your money and invest it?

If you fail or succeed in life, it can be traced to something you did daily.  Traced to a way of thinking, acting. Successful people have a way of thinking and acting and they reap the rewards of this.  Time is precious, you only have so much of it and what you do with this time of yours is your seed planted in the field of YOUR LIFE. This Most certainly will eventually bring you a harvest. Will it bring you the future harvest you are desiring?... Plant good seed and get a good harvest.    If one buys a lottery ticket daily, it's true he has a possibility of winning but the odds are greatly against him.  If one buys a lottery ticket daily, that will cost him 365 dollars each year.  That's money that could be invested into something that would give him a much better return on his investment than gambling.  Since good decisions lead to good outcomes, if you study someone's decisions, their habits daily, their mental habits, how they spend their time, etc.  You can to some degree make a prediction as to this persons future. Of course there is something called chance that happens to everyone, but more often than not, it's our decisions that decide our circumstances. We don't always have a choice as to what life brings us, but most of the time we do have a choice in how we handle it. Like the old saying goes, "when life sends you lemons, make lemonade".  Of course our decisions are based on our level of current wisdom, but our choice to either love and pursue wisdom, knowledge or disdain it has led us to where we are now and will most certainly effect our future.

Living with good habits are not just a good idea, your habits are truly deciding your future.  For example, people don't get heart disease because of genetics.  They get it because years and years of their choices,  eating low nutrient, high fat animal products and not exercising. One thing you will notice about the wealthy, successful people compared to the poor is that the wealthy tend to take full responsibility for their life and realize that they always have the power of their decision to change things.  Many poor people believe that life is out of their control, while successful people believe it's in their control.  Now it's true, life is not totally in our control, but God gave us a rational mind for a reason, to determine our direction. Our mind is a tool and we can direct that tool towards any goal.  People say "God is in control!"  This is simply not true. Maybe in the big , ultimate scheme of things, God is in control, but in all reality, we are in control of our life. We become what we believe, as we act upon our beliefs. In taking full responsibility for our life, we quit blaming circumstances, start using our creative problem solving. We learn that we can actually do more than we could imagine. Building our life just like a brick wall, one brick at a time.

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Dr. Kent Holtorf speaks on the thyroid disorder "hypothyroidism"

Dr. Kent Holtorf speaks on the thyroid disorder "hypothyroidism" and how many times, doctors standard tests can miss the problem.  Dr. Holtorf is an Endocrinoligist who owns and runs Holtorf Medical Group. Holtorf Medical Group specializes in hormone issues but also treat everything from Chronic Fatigue to Multiple Sclerosis. They currently have five locations. Three in California.

 Watch the video below.

thyroid for blog

 You can contact the Holtorf Medical Group at the link below.

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Natural anti-depressant herb : Rhodiola Rosea

 There is a revolution going right now in regards to mental illness such as depression, Obsessive Compulsive disorder, bipolar, ADHD and other cognitive issues. People are realizing that the health of their brain and body is truly their responsibility. Their quality of life is truly in their hands, determined by their choices and that they can't just expect doctors to fix their problems with toxic pills. Pills don't heal a person they just cover up symptoms, many times adding terrible side effects requiring more pills to cover up the new symptoms. This is especially true with psychiatric drugs. This is why you usually see people with psychiatric illness on not just one but a whole cocktail of drugs.  People have been moving away from these damaging psychiatric medications and looking for new natural ways to treat their brain issues and chemical imbalances. Different ways such as exercise, diet, amino acids and herbs all come into play.   One of these natural ways to treat depression is a herb called Rhodiola Rosea.  It's been found to work for many and just may be the answer you or someone you love have been looking for. 

In the following video,  Chris Kilham on Fox news reports on the anti-depressant effect of the herb Rhodiola Rosea.

Rhodiola for blog

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Embracing a limitation can actually drive creativity

Artist Phil Hansen speaks at TED about how after
being diagnosed with nerve damage in his hand,
he continued to make art by discovering 
creative new ways in spite of his

Watch and be inspired. :)


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Thyroid link to many health problems

Even if your doctor has checked your thyroid levels and they show within normal range, you could still have a problem.  Evidence is showing that many times, thyroid issues are missed and by supplementing with safe, natural dessicated thyroid like Armour brand thyroid, a person can feel better and even get their life back.

Do you have a thyroid problem? ............  Do you suffer from chronic fatigue, depression, fybromyalgia, allergies, etc?  It could be your thyroid.  Maybe you are suffering needlessly.  Maybe dessicated thyroid will help you.

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