Sunday, October 28, 2012

To whom much is given, much is required

We sometimes can forget...... We are either being a force for evil or a force for good by every chosen thought, our words and our actions.  We all have had times where our heart has been full of compassion for our fellow man.  We felt connected to others in the world and that our life had some greater purpose of benevolence beyond ourselves.  That we are all humans in need of love trying to find peace in our hearts.  We have also all seen our own dark side. Our selfish judgmental side that pridefully makes us feel separate from others.  We adopt a belief like we are in some way, better than another.  Maybe we believe that it's better fashion we wear, or that we have a better car or have a better job.  Maybe we pride ourselves in the fact that we are a good Christian, Republican or Democrat and we feel that it makes us better in some way?  These are all labels and they are not who we really are.  When they fall away, and most of them eventually do, we realize that we are not these labels but we are something greater. The labels may bring us some comfort for a while and distract us from our pain but they separate us from one another and ultimately cause us more pain.  Labels limit us because they cause us to want to conform to their image.  We are not free to find and be our true selves.  The reality is that every human being is all the same in worth in the eyes of God.  Some may see the light sooner and make better choices in this life but it in no way gives them more worth than another.  With knowledge and wisdom come more responsibility.  To whom much is given, much is required. We have the responsibility of reaching out in love to our fellow man in kindness to share our enlightenment.  It's our choice daily to use our words as idle chatter wasting precious time or to use them like the weapons of power that they are.  Like swords to fight off injustice, evil and fend off the darkness.  If only we would truly realize the enormous  power of influence we all have for good or evil.  The power of our words. Choose them wisely my friend.

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