Monday, February 20, 2012

Post traumatic growth

I was watching Anthony Robbins on Oprah's next chapter last night on the OWN channel. He said something interesting. "How come all they ever talk about is "post traumatic stress syndrome" but never talk about "Post traumatic Growth" It's how hard things that happen to us actually can make us stronger, more appreciative of life, etc.

Here is information about it from Wiki.

Posttraumatic growth refers to positive psychological change experienced as a result of the struggle with highly challenging life circumstances. These sets of circumstances represent significant challenges to the adaptive resources of the individual, and pose significant challenges to individuals’ way of understanding the world and their place in it. Posttraumatic growth is not simply a return to baseline from a period of suffering; instead it is an experience of improvement that for some persons is deeply profound.

Blessings- Rob

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Take full responsibility for your health

I wonder how many people have been killed by prescription drugs this year like Whitney Houston. Of course , we as a society are constantly bombarded with advertising from Big Pharma convincing us that the answer to our problems are found in a pill. I'm sure they are quite content with us sitting on our fast food enlarged rear ends, not exercising, eating and drinking anything our little hearts may desire then when we get sick, popping one of their little "fix it" pills. Pills that will probably just make us more toxic, tax our immune system and in the long run, make us more sick. Pills that can be deadly.

We must take responsibility for our own health and well-being. In a society where money drives industry, we must understand that big corporations aren't always concerned with our well-being. They are concerned with profit. Just because something is legal to sell and consume doesn't mean it's the wisest decision for us. Did you know that over half of prescription drugs are derived from plants or other natural substances in nature? I find it odd that we can't even have access to some medicinal herbs because the government has made them illegal. What if I want to treat an illness with a natural herb instead of a man made version with horrid side effects? There are many I can't even get access too legally. Natural substances as found in nature are so much more tolerable and have much less side effects. Now I'm not saying it's wise to consume herbs just for recreation. I think they are here on earth for a reason. To treat various illness not to be ingested as a recreational lifestyle causing us to live our lives in a medicinally induced fog. It just makes sense that we have everything we need to prosper, put here on earth by our creator. Consider fruits and vegetables. They are brightly colored as if to signal us to be drawn to them. When we eat them, a whole symphony of chemical reactions go on in our bodies due to the vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals contained. They are high nutrient, lower calorie foods that boost our immune system and prevent illness. I'm convinced that the best treatment and prevention of disease should start on our plate. Our current health is a direct reflection of what we have been consuming. Our future health will be a direct reflection of what we are consuming right now. If I can track your daily food habits, I can to some degree, predict your health future. Have you heard of epigenetics? Epigenetics shows us that certain switches in our genome can be switched on and off depending on our choices. Someone may have a predisposed weakness in their health but it doesn't mean they are necessarily going to get sick. They may have a genetic weakness predisposing them to cancer but it's their chosen lifestyle that ultimately determines their destiny. It's time we take responsibility for our health. Time we choose to start taking small steps to improve it. Just like how a brick wall is built one brick at a time, we must build up our health one small positive habit at a time. A 10 minute brisk walk daily is better than no walk. By doing this faithfully, we would create a new habit and eventually we would feel strange if we didn't get our walk in. We will be compelled to do it. Eventually even look forward to it. Eventually we could increase it to 15 , 20 or even 30 minutes. Small changes lifestyle can have huge effects on our life and overall happiness over time. I've heard it said, "people don't decide their future, they decide their habits and their habits decide their future". This all starts with us taking full responsibility for our health. We decide for example to create a new habit of reaching for a apple when hungry, instead of going through the fast food drive through. We decide our health, one small decision at a time. Our health determines our energy level and how much we have to give back to our families and society. It's in direct reflection to how much we enjoy our lives. It greatly effects not only us, but all those we come in contact with. Especially those closest to us. I'm convinced that health is true wealth. To not pursue it vivaciously does not appear to be a wise decision. If we can just tackle this one area of life with enthusiasm, focus and energy what would it do for our overall life? If we can just win in this one area, I'm convinced we will win in many other areas.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Health is our true wealth

I'm conviced that our health is our true wealth. It's funny that so many people place such high priority on money while ignoring their health. All the money in the world would mean nothing to us if we were sick and dying. We would trade it in a heartbeat for health and vitality. No matter what our health status, we all have things we can do to come up a little higher in this area. When we feel good and have energy, it means our brains and bodies are functioning properly. We feel happy, more inspired, clearer, focused and more creative. We are at the top of our game. This makes it easier for us to find success in our lives.

There are things we can start doing today to increase our health. Whatever we decide to value and stay focused on will increase in our lives. If you just make one positive change this year, consider choosing to value your health above all. Choose to live at your own optimum healthy level. For most, this will require more knowledge and wisdom in this area. When you seek it, you will find it.

If you can discipline yourself and conquer this one area of your life, then you can conquer other challenges in your life. You can easily achieve your goals and prosperity will begin to chase you down.

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lifted up

Every human has a handle by which they may be lifted. What's yours? Lift yourself up daily. Once you are on higher ground, stretch out your hand to someone else and lift them up to. Every time you improve your character you make the world a bit more beautiful. Your very life is a beautiful model for others to see and be inspired. You will inspire them to rise higher.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mountains and valleys

Life is interesting. Ups and downs. Mountains and valleys. It's all a cycle and both are needed. You learn things in the valleys that you wouldn't learn on the mountaintop and vice versa. If we only could see clearly when we are in the valley our mountain top experience ahead. If we only could understand the valuable wisdom we are learning here. We would probably look forward to being there and our challenging circumstances. They build our endurance, teach us humbleness and in turn, make us stronger.

Blessings- Rob

Boost your brainpower with Vinpocetine

Have you heard of "Vinpocetine" ? It's a standardized extract from the Periwinkle flower. They are using it for all kinds of cognitive impairment issues and also as a mind enhancing "nootropic" or natural "smart drug" It has so many amazing benefits as it is a anti-inflammatory and has neuroprotective properties. I know it's really helping me feel more calm, focused, and smarter on it. My creativity, memory, energy and mood is enhanced. No I'm not selling it but I wish I was. It's pretty awesome, you might want to try it. You can get it at your local health food store or online. You can read more about it at the link below. Or look it up on Wiki. :)

Special thanks to the following people for inspiring me to rise higher, and believe in myself. To have faith in my abilities but also faith in God, knowing that I was put here on earth for a reason and not by chance. For helping me understand the power, potential and resilience of the human spirit. The ability to overcome opposition, overcome challenges and accomplish goals in spite of adversity.

Blessings to you all for all the inspiration you've given me and so many. -Rob Lovegreen

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