Sunday, December 25, 2011

Puppies for sale (inspirational story)

This older farmer put a sign out front "puppies for sale". One day a little boy from across the way walked up to the farmers house, knocked on the door and said "Mister, I want to buy one of your puppies". He reached into his pocket, pulled out some change, held out his hand and said "is this enough?" The farmer counted the change, "thirty nine cents!, this is exactly enough!" Said the farmer. The little boy was excited and the farmer took the little boy to the barn to pick out a puppy. He opened up the pen where the puppies were being kept. Immediately the puppies began to walk out and begin to frolic about. One puppy came out slowly and kind of hobbled and limped, dragging his back legs as if something was wrong with them. The little boy was drawn to this puppy and said "there, that one, I want that one." The farmer concerned said "oh, you don't want that one, he will probably never walk good, something is wrong with him." The little boy reached down and pulled up the legs of his blue jeans revealing metal braces that he was wearing. He said to the farmer "sir this puppy is going to have trouble with his legs and he's going to need someone who understands."

We all have weaknesses, frailties, and issues we deal with. Though hidden, they are there. We all need someone who understands and cares. Someone who loves us as we are and is willing to be there for us.

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