Wednesday, September 14, 2011

People are like tomato plants

In life there are different seasons just like we see in tomato plants. 

Tomato plants start with a seed, they grow taking in all the nutrients from their environment.  They eventually bloom then fruit with seeds contained reproducing themselves.
  They then eventually wilt and die.

People are like tomato plants. It's so unfortunate that some plants will never even get to squeeze off a single tomato before dying. Some will only get to create one. Some a few, some many.  Maybe they didn't get the proper growing environment?  When they are hurt and down, maybe no one reached out their hands to help them so they spiraled down, not able to find a way back up. 

What makes the difference in whether people bear fruit or not? 

A little T.L.C. from the gardner makes all the difference!

 Being planted in the right environment, the right amount of water, sunlight and fertilizer. Everyone, just like plants, have a ideal environment to grow in. 

 You are the gardner, The world is the field and people are tomato plants. Find those in need of your green thumb and share your love with them. What you do does matter. You can make a difference in how much fruit they bear. A little love goes a long way.

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