Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Your mouth is either harming you or helping you

I was thinking today about the power of our words. With our words we have the power to heal or to hurt. To build or to destroy. To bring life or to bring death. Wars start with words. Wars also end with words.

If I could only share one thing that would help you so greatly it would be to consider your words. I mean really consider them. What are you saying to others and yourself? You may not have realized it but you are reaping a harvest with your words. Consider the words you are sowing into the lives of others, what are you reaping from them? If you don't like the harvest that you are getting, then change the seed. Are you talking down to others with a condescending attitude? Or are you speaking with honor and appreciation for others. Speaking words that celebrate others difference rather than belittle it.

What are you saying to yourself about yourself? What are you saying to others? When you speak to yourself are you kind? When you speak to yourself, do you use words that build, encourage and help? What about others? Are your words positive or negative when you speak to them?

I heard someone say that every man has a king and a kid in them. If you speak to the kid, the kid will answer back. If you speak to the king, the king will answer back.

When he said this he went on to elaborate. What he meant by this was that if you speak to the greatness in an individual, that greatness will show it's self and answer back. Or if you speak to the immature, irresponsible kid, he will show himself and answer back.

Some people go through their days thinking that the world is a harsh place. That people aren't trustworthy and maybe even that people are out to take from them. Well to those people, their thoughts have imprisoned them and this becomes their reality. Because of this faulty unrealistic belief, what they don't realize is that they have formed an attitude towards others and are projecting out this attitude, even though they don't realize it. People sense this and because most people are actually honest, when they don't feel trusted, they don't feel honored. When people don't feel honored by you, they move away from you. People are less likely to help you if they don't feel you honor them and we all will need the help of others sometime.

All people want to be trusted and feel honor and respect. It's true that some people may not have developed their character enough yet to the point where honesty is of utmost importance, but those people are still usually more honest than not. The person who doesn't believe in others tends to develop more shallow relationships with others which in turn, can set them up to be taken advantage of by those who lack honesty in their character. It's a lot harder to turn on a friend than someone that they feel dishonors them. So in a sense, their negative beliefs about others become a self fulfilling prophecy.

Your words are either creating friends or pushing people away. Your words are either calling out the goodness in others or bringing out the worst. I see the law of sowing and reaping so greatly at work here. It's almost an instant harvest when you plant your words like seeds. For example, just walk into a bar, walk up to someone and refer to them in a negative dishonoring way. You will probably end up with a black eye and a bloody nose. Instant harvest on your words. Try instead walking in to work, finding that co-worker that you don't particularly care for and tell them in sincerity "hey, I just want you to know that I appreciate what you do here, this company is stronger and better because of what you do" It's important that it's said in sincerity though because people are perceptive and your body language will tell on you if it's not. Watch what happens when you say words like these. Watch the king or queen in the other person answer you back. Watch what used to be a person that you didn't care for become one of your favorite people you look forward to seeing everyday.

Words are very powerful! Good relationships are of vital importance and required not only to succeed but for your emotional well being. Your words are directly connected to the quality of your relationships so become a master at using them wisely and reap the rewards in every area of your life.

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  1. Wow,you have inspired me in away you cannot believe.Thanks so much.Traci Moore

  2. Thank you for the kind words of appreciation. Check out some of my other posts, maybe you will find inspiration there also. -Rob