Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So ya got a big heart huh?

So ya got a big heart huh? Some would like you to believe that it's a weakness. Well they are absolutely wrong. You have a sensitive heart for a reason and you came into this world perfectly equipped for the problems you are supposed to fix. You are perfectly designed and your big heart reveals to you the areas you are supposed to heal.

Guard your heart my friend. Don't just trust it to anyone. Not everyone qualifies to speak to that deepest part of you. Not everyone should be allowed that access because what goes into the heart will eventually come out.

It's our responsibility to know when to lock the door though and when to open it. Wisdom helps us discern this.

Guard your sensitivity because you can sense things that others can't sense and feel things that others can't feel. You can see things that others can't see and because of your sensitivity, you experience pain deeper. But this this is actually a gift because it gives you great compassion and empathy for others which makes people want to confide in you. You are a safe place for others and this is a rare and precious thing. Recognize this in yourself and celebrate it.

The right people will be drawn to you because of your kindness. The wrong people may think that they can use or control you, but you will see through it and rise above it.

Think about all the great people in history who changed the world for the better. They all had a passion for making the world a better place. They used their empathy, compassion and developed an intolerance to a problem. Maybe a social issue like poverty, disease or racism.

Their desire to see change motivated them to rise up and make a difference.

Well these people are just like you. Sensitive hearted people who realized their sensitivity and compassion for others was there for a reason. It birthed a passion to make a change. They stepped out in faith and made a difference. Go change the world my sensitive hearted friend. Change the world starting with one person at a time because you and I know that everyone counts.

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