Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Raw food vegananism and vegetarianism is becomng more mainstream because it just makes good sense

We all know that vegetables and fruits are good for us. We all have heard that in order to be healthy, we need to include more of these into our diets right? Well how come the obiesity epidemic is still growing in America? How come 25.8 million children and adults in the United States—8.3% of the population—have diabetes and every 34 seconds someone in the United States dies of heart disease? Obviously what they are telling us is not working. Why is it not working? Maybe because it's not just about including foods in our diets, but excluding foods as well. Type 2 diabetes is completely preventable and reversible through diet as is heart disease. Now from what I have heard from Dr. Joel Fuhrman is that if disease has progressed too far then diet may not be able to fix someone completely but it sure can help them manage their disease better and help them live a happier healthier life. Dr. Joel Fuhrman recommends a plant based diet and their are so many reasons for this. Our western diet is what is fueling disease and creating our health problems. In many countries where they grow and eat their own food they are not experiencing the same negative health issues as Americans. Vegetables, cooked and uncooked are full of nutrients that give the body the tools it needs to do what it's made to do, heal and restore. Raw uncooked vegetables and fruits are full of health promoting phytochemicals, anti-oxidants, live enzymes along with highly bio-available vitamins, minerals and fiber to help remove toxins. Meat and animal products on the other hand is low in nutrients, contain high calorie bad artery clogging fats and can even contain toxins in the fat that lead to cancer. These are the reasons that I and many others are switching to a raw food/vegetarian lifestyle. Dr. Joel Fuhrman seems to have the right kind of idea as he has coined the term "nutritarian". It's all about getting the most nutrient per calorie in your foods and if you eat this way, it is clearly the healthiest way. He talks about how many people who call themselves vegetarians because they just don't eat meat can be just as unhealthy as meat eaters because they can still be consuming low nutrient, high calorie foods like meat, breads, sweets, dairy products and other processed white flour products. Their diet is deficient of vital nutrients found in plant foods especially raw plant foods.

I believe that the raw food vegan/vegetarian/nutritarian lifestyle is going to become more and more mainstream for the reasons mentioned above. People are waking up, realizing that they can't trust everything that the media and health care system has told them. You can't just eat anything and then take a pill to fix it. Prescription drugs are not healing disease, only managing it and many times causing more disease due to the toxic state they put our bodies in. And what about lifestyle? So maybe we take a drug to manage our blood pressure or depression but it causes all these horrid side effects. Is this really leading us to the happy healthy lifestyle we want? The lifestyle full of energy and vitality? Drugs are clearly not the answer to our health concerns, but are just a temporary band-aid to mask our symptoms. Prevention through diet is the best alternative.

Have you noticed that one minute the media is telling us that something is good for us then later on they are telling us it's bad. I think this is probably because many studies are funded by certain industries that know they would be hurt financially if people understood the truth about their food product. Milk is good, then it's bad. Coffee is good, then it's bad. Wine is good then it's bad. In this day and age how do we know what to believe in regards to good and bad foods?

It's really pretty simple actually if you think about it. Everything on the earth has a designed system at work. Everything an ecosystem that works in harmony with the earth. Food is provided for all living creatures. If you study nature, you will find the answers to which diet is best for us.

It just makes sense that the Creator knew what they were doing when they provided food for us cleverly packaged in bright colors, textures, appealing to the eye, nose and mouth in the form of vegetables and fruits. Edible nuts and seeds, high nutrient berries to feed our bodies mind and promote overall health and well being. Raw plant foods are clearly designed to be the best foods for our health.

There are many people who's passion is for helping heal people and our planet. They are rising up to help teach others the importance of raw food vegan, vegetarian style eating and living. They are teaching and living the raw food lifestyle and are really on the cutting edge of medicine. I believe that they are going to benefit greatly from this coming movement as people become more aware of the importance of feeding your body living foods and the downside to eating meat, dairy products and other refined low nutrient foods.

Hippocrates was right when he said "let food be thy medicine"

Genius Albert Einstein said..“Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet.”

This is the reason I am adopting this raw food, whole plant based diet and lifestyle.

Blessings -Rob

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  1. Great post, Rob! I've tried 2 different raw vegan diets. One that was high in nuts and seeds (gourmet raw vegan) and the one I'm currently on which is high in fruit. The health benefits of the high carb/high fruit approach are astounding. Our body runs on glucose which is why the high fat raw foodists often fall back to cooked foods, and especially grains. They need the fuel! Check out 30bananasaday.com (I'm a member there) and this radio interview which starts about 4:30 secs in http://visionarycultureradio.com/?p=231. Awesome that you are spreading the word!!!