Tuesday, July 19, 2011

If you must use salt, which is the best?

I wanted to share something I learned with you about salt and the best kind to use and why it's healthier.
So let's discuss sea salt....I personally use Celtic sea salt. It's grey in color because of the trace minerals contained. You body needs trace minerals for every cell to function properly. In this day an age with mass farming using synthetic fertilizers instead of letting the soil rest, our vegetables have a lower mineral content than they used to. This is one of the reasons to buy organic if or when you can. Even organic vegetables and fruits might be low in minerals though unless the organic farmer is taking steps to prevent this like putting wood ash or rock dust back into the soil. Of course, this costs more so many organic farmers do not do this. What's the solution to insure you get your vital minerals? One solution is to us unrefined sea salt like the Celtic or Himalayan. Now the drawback to regular table salt is that it has no minerals and it's higher in sodium than sea salt so everyone should be using sea salt but it's wise to spend the extra money and use the unprocessed.

They have different varieties of gourmet sea salts available. All in different colors from black (volcanic) to pink(himalayan) to red (Hawaiian) All contain different types and amounts of minerals. One simple positive change you can make for your health is to simply switch over to using one of these salts mentioned above and quit using regular table salt. You can purchase sea salt online or at your local health food store.

Little changes to one's daily routine can mean huge differences over time in a person's health and wellbeing.  Blessings -Rob

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