Sunday, June 5, 2011

Your mind runs on a track

Your mind runs on a track. You have a habitual way of thinking. This has been learned and adopted from all the input we have received in our life. Running on this track is comfortable for us because it's what we know. It's how we've learned to navigate in this world. If you study successful achievers, one thing you will notice is their positive "can do" attitude. Many times they are successful not because they are so much more gifted than others, but because they have developed a success mindset. Their mind runs on a learned habitual success track. They automatically approach new challenges with confidence and positive self expectancy. They expect to win and usually do. This is just one of many positive mental habits they have developed. Another positive habit would be how they don't procrastinate because they have developed a positive mental habit of "do it now". This successful mental habit puts them closer to achieving their goals in many ways. One is that it helps them be more productive because they don't have to deal with all the guilt or other negative feelings associated with "procrastination" It keeps them feeling happier, more accomplished which in turn, leads to more confidence and success and ultimately happiness. So since your mind runs on a track the question is, "what track is it running on?" Is this track really going to get you to your goals? Is it a success track or is it dooming you to failure? Successful people are careful of what kind of mental habits they develop. They are careful on what they allow into their minds and what thoughts they dwell on. Careful about what kind of track they allow their minds to go on. You mind can carry you to victory, overcoming the temptation to give up or it can carry you to defeat causing you to give up too early. It all depends on the track that it runs on. Large beer corporations spend millions of dollars each year on commercials that show healthy, happy people having fun while drinking their beer. A man standing with beautiful ladies all around him at a party. It's a party and who doesn't want a party right? What is the message they are trying to program into you?......"If you drink our beer it's a party and you will be happy, healthy and surrounded by happy people and beautiful people." If you think about it, in reality, those who drink lots of beer end up getting fat, sick, aging prematurely and a host of other problems are attached. I personally am real careful about what I allow into my mind. I want to stay on the right track and so many times in the past have tasted the consequences of letting it my mind get off track. An example of how one can guard their mind would be to be very aware of the lyrics in music and the TV programs/films that they allow themselves to watch. Not everything should qualify for your standards. They should ask themself, "what kind of message is this trying to send me?" Even if someone says that theyy don't listen to the lyrics just the music, it's proven that it still has an effect on your subconscious mind which in turn has to have an effect on your behavior. That's why corporations spend millions of dollars each year on advertising. They are trying to influence you by programing your subconscious mind to their advantage. They know that what goes in your mind will eventually come out in your actions as you desire then purchase their product. One should also very aware of what thoughts they entertain. Not every thought we have should qualify and if it's negative and self defeating, it should be dismissed. It should be replaced with positive self coaching words. Telling yourself how and what to think. How and what to think about yourself, your circumstances and others in the world around you.

Successful people do whatever it takes to keep their mind on the right success track because they know that this leads them to the success that they are looking for. It helps them reach their personal and business goals. I personally don't want to listen to anything or watch anything on TV or films that could get me off track. There's an old saying and I'm sure you've heard it. "garbage in, garbage out" Filling your mind with negative input can only lead to negative thinking and followed by negative behavior. On the other hand, filling your mind with positive things like success oriented information like my blog could only help you stay on your success track as it encourages and empowers you. Choose which sources of information to tune into and protect your focus. Choose who and what to listen to. Not everything or everyone qualifies for your ear. Keep your mind on the right track. Keep your mind on the success track. :D

Blessings -Rob

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  1. hesrizen2003@yahoo.comJune 5, 2011 at 12:42 PM

    you did it again!! I believe in this blog because this is how i've gotten thru the obstacles in my life!! Thanks!