Saturday, June 4, 2011

Most battles one will fight are in secret

In life, most battles one will fight are in secret. There is no coach there to encourage you. There is no crowd there to cheer you on. The greatest battles you will fight in life will be just you alone. Wrestling with your own mind. Fighting to overcome temptation. The battle is over your focus because what you focus on creates your feelings and your energy. Either positive or negative. Don't listen to every thought you have, if it doesn't line up with your values and goals, dismiss it, replace it. Tell yourself how to think. Decide what kind of day, week and year you will have. Write down goals. Talk about them. Emotionalize them. Choose your focus and receive the reward for good character, which is success. Character is developed one small decision at a time. What you do and who you are in your private life, will ultimately be seen in your public life. What you do and who you are in your private life all starts in your mind. Success or failure can be traced back to your chosen focus.


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