Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Your words are like seeds, it is wise to plant them carefully

Your words are like seeds, it is wise to plant them carefully. Your words are seeds planted into the garden of those around you. If you don't like the harvest you are receiving and want something different, you must change the seed you are sowing. Your words come from your thoughts, so I have to ask you a question. What have you been thinking about others? Are you judging them in your thoughts? Do you think of them as lower in some way than yourself? Do you view them from the side of their strengths or from the side of their weaknesses? How you think about others will determine your attitude towards them and your words will follow your attitude. Your attitude toward them determines their attitude towards you. If you are thinking positive things about others and looking for the good in them, your words will reflect this. When you honor, value and respect others through your words, you will be amazed at the harvest of honor,value and respect you will receive back from them. People's actions and attitude toward you usually are just a mirror of what you are giving them. Your seeds are harvesting right before you everyday as you speak to them. We have a tendency to think that it's always the other persons issues that cause problems in a relationship and that we have no part in the cause. In fact we do. With our words we can build, heal, help, bring hope to, motivate, strengthen,encourage,bring peace to and inspire people. With our words we can also destroy, anger, tear down, discourage,bring fear to, hurt and impede someone's progress. When others feel good and strong in our presence, they will feel better and do better. They will also be more inclined to help us get what we want. We will actually reap this harvest as they do well. As they do well, we will do better. Next time you don't like the harvest you are getting from a relationship, carefully consider your words. What are you planting into their garden?

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  1. Carolyn WilliamsMay 18, 2011 at 6:02 PM

    well said.

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