Sunday, May 15, 2011

reprogamming your mental computer for success

In regards to success, it's not as much about what one's limitations are as it is about one's deepest core beliefs about oneself. We always act in accordance to our deepest held beliefs about ourselves. If you want to achieve a goal like losing weight or quitting smoking, find the root beliefs that are holding you back then make a determined effort to change them. You do this by choosing to believe the reverse, then reprogramming your subconscious mind through new vividly imagined pictures of your desired belief. You can say affirmations aloud daily as you visualize your new beliefs to help this process. It's not about trying to believe something that you are not, that would make you a fake. It's about seeing your true potential clearly and flushing out your erroneous limiting beliefs about yourself that you have been holding on to and have been holding you back. Then choosing to believe the new positive beliefs about yourself. Change the beliefs and your behavior will follow.

An example of a limiting belief could be as simple as "I'm messy" or "I'm not as capable as others". Even something like "I can't reach my goals because of a limitation or lack of resources" It's true that we do have real limitations but it is also true that more often than not, most people operate far below their true potential and their real limitations pale in comparison to their true potential. We sometimes see ourselves as less capable in some way or another but many times, this is because we have compared ourselves with others. Don't do this. You are not competing with others but only with yourself. When someone compares themselves to others, they will always find someone more capable in some area than they are, but they can also find someone less capable. When you compare yourself with others, your feelings about yourself can fluctuate as your focus changes. It's not about comparing yourself to or competing with others, it's about seeing yourself in the positive light of "the miracle" of which you truly are. As it has been seen proven over and over, human potential is far greater then many have believed or perceived. Many have been astounded as great accomplishments have been made by many people and former perceived limitations been overcome.

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