Sunday, May 29, 2011

I will do my part, the rest is up to God

This whole notion and idea of "letting God take over our lives" doesn't make sense to me. I mean, didn't God give us a mind to think, and a body to use? I don't think God has all these rules and methods to get close to Him/her. I say Him/Her because God is actually a Spirit. Anyways, I think whether someone acknowledges God or not, God is there active in their lives. Ask anyone on the street if they have ever seen evidence of a God working in their lives. Most will say yes. Even those who aren't Christian or any other religion will say this. I think a life can be summed up in this word. "co-creation" We co-create our lives with God. I think we choose what we want, learn how to get there, move forward in faith, doing all we can and then God does what we can't. It's like the man in the sailboat in the middle of the ocean who decides on and sets his course. He puts up his sail and waits for the wind. His part, the course setting and putting up the sail in faith. God's part is bringing the wind. I think too many Christians are paralyzed by wrong religious beliefs they have been taught. They are stuck waiting on God to change things in their life. They passively pray, awaiting from heaven for an answer. Instead if they would study their problem and attain wisdom about it and then use it, they could then overcome many of their problems. The belief that God is in control of our lives brings us comfort emotionally but it doesn't change things. If we don't like where we are, we have to change how we think and then our actions will follow which in turn will yield us a different result. You don't need one three or five confirmations from God on something. Use your mind, you are amazing created by they very hand of God and in tune with God. When you trust the wisdom that created you, you will trust yourself to know what the best decisions are for your life. Whatever it is that you don't know how to do, you will discover.

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