Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Real miracles happen when?

Real miracles can happen in our lives when we have a perspective change. When we are honest with ourselves, read books, learn, grow and attain more wisdom. Real magic happens when we gain knowledge and understanding which changes our perception on our lives and the world around us. There are places in Africa in the past where many in the village were sick and dying. They thought the God's were mad at them so they would do all kinds of rituals and sacrifice's to try and get them to stop the death of those in the village. Then along come scientists. They discover that the village water supply is the same source that is mixing with the village sewage. This was making people sick with Cholera as they were drinking the contaminated water. The scientists taught them about this and the people were no longer were sick and dying. They were healed just like magic. The magic was wisdom and knowledge. The rich are usually rich because of something they know. The poor is usually poor because of something they don't know. Many times, the sick are sick because of something they don't know. It's true we don't have all the answers about every sickness and how to cure it, but many things that would have killed us in the past are cured or managed today due to medical science. My point....... again, real magic and miracles happen as we get a perspective change. This is done through attaining wisdom and knowledge. Real miracles happen in our life when we discover that we are more than we thought. That we can do more than we thought. When we realize our potential and then become all we are able to become. Blessings -Rob