Friday, December 31, 2010

It's a new year! Forgive all who have wronged you and receive the benefits in your own life

It's a new year. Forgive all who have done you wrong and be free. A memory of an injustice done to one is more enslaving than the actual event. Re-frame your past hurtful situation with new eyes of compassion and acceptance for the individual who hurt you. Only God knows the back story behind every situation. Only God knows why people behave as they do. Since this is true, have grace and forgive all for their shortcomings. This will bring a world of health to your own psyche. We don't have control over what happens to us, but we always have control on how we react to it. We have control over how we allow something to affect us. When we live with a new attitude of grace for others, we will reap the benefits in our own life. We all need grace sometimes. We all are imperfect humans. We all are also amazing though and have greatness inside. One way our greatness is seen is through love and forgiveness. Even if we were wronged. There are really only two choices after we have been wronged. Forgive and become better, or hang on to it and become bitter. Forgiveness is the path to our own well being and ultimately the well being of others.


  1. This is so fantastically true, Rob, that I am going to share on my Facebook! Good blog write subject!! Happy New Year!!! ~Wendy

  2. oh my goodness rob I am speechless ah wow i Did not realize when u said you are into music and writing u r beautiful as well Linda Lou