Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Feeling low during the holidays

This time of the year is depressing for a lot of people. Sometimes it's not situational but biochemical. It has a lot to do with the shorter days and less sunlight. Many people are low on vitamin D and serotonin in their brain. Every year around this time things get a little harder for me. It's because my brain chemistry is low and it makes my whole reality seem difficult. But I've learned how to fight back without the use of damaging prescription drugs. I do believe that these drugs help a lot of people and may be fine for a short time for some, or long term for others but many can do well with just lifestyle change. If you are someone you know is feeling low this holiday, it may not be something you can just pray away. It may not be something you can just muster up enough willpower to overcome. Believe me, I've tried many years. I believe God has led me to the wisdom to overcome though through much study and research. There are ways to overcome though excercise, nutrition, and supplements like omega 3 rich fish oil which is a natural antidepressant. If you or someone you love are having trouble, email me. I would love to share my wisdom in this area. roblovegreen@gmail.com

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