Tuesday, November 9, 2010

You are a thermostat not a thermometer

You are a thermostat not a thermometer. Let me explain what I mean.
I went into a fast food place today for breakfast. I've been there many times before for breakfast and each time, this is what I've noticed. When I order my food, they may say "can I help you?" but their attitude is far from helping me. They may say those words, but their attitude says something else. Many times, they don't give me direct eye contact. They seem to be concerned with other things and their tone of voice is less than enthusiastic. When I come in, I am usually in a good mood and many times a great mood. I have kindness on my tongue but they still give me a feeling that I am a bother to them. I'm reminded of a story I heard recently from a new friend. He's only 23, but his intelligence and his attitude puts him far beyond his years. He is just opening up a business with an equally intelligent friend. They both have inspired me with their creativity and intellect. He told me a story about how he was working at this fast food place locally and about how his right choices and attitude changed his whole environment and income. The restaurant where he worked had a double drive-thru and he would take their orders. He began to recognize his repeat customers and began to call them by name and knew their orders even before they would finish. After these regular customers would place their order, he would go out to them, collect their money and bring them their food. He did this so they didn't have to wait. Many of these customers receiving extra special service began to say to him "keep the change" Because of the his exceptional attitude and great service, he began to get these tips from them. He also noticed that he would feel really good because he was treating them so good and they were happier now because of his great service. He asked himself one day, "why just treat some customers with such special service? Why not treat them all this way?". So he decided to do this. As he did this, more and more customers began to tip him. He began to leave work each day with up to $50.00 in tips. Not only that but his attitude was contagious and all the other employees began to join in, going the extra mile with every customer. They all began to experience tips. Their manager began to hear many compliments about his employees great service. My friend also noticed that the attitudes of the customers changed to positive. They began to say things like "I've never got such great service at a fast food place!" They began to connect with other customers and the whole restaurant began to be a place filled with joy and excitement. Eventually the manager let them put out a tip jar and my friend said that he would consistently get on average $17.00 an hour for working his job. $17.00 an hour for working fast food? That's unheard of!
The whole environment was changed and it all started with one persons positive attitude. One person realized that he wasn't just a thermometer designed to become the temperature of the room, he was a thermostat designed to set the temperature of the room. You qualify for the future you desire, when you outperform your present. You may be waiting on God, well God is waiting on you. He cannot promote you to a place where your character cannot keep you. See the future you desire and begin to act now the way you would act if the future you desire was already here. In doing this, you will begin to bring your future into the now. You are a thermostat not a thermometer.

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"Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved." -Helen Keller

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