Wednesday, November 17, 2010

If you don't ask, then you don't get 100% of the time

If you don't ask, then you don't get 100% of the time. If you do ask, you just might get. When you do choose to ask, you increase your odds of getting a yes by many factors. Many factors that you have 100% control over. Here are 3 factors to consider.

Your appearance
It's not only important to be good, but also to appear good. People will always see who you are before they know what you are. In an ideal world, we would always judge others for who they are on the inside intead of the outside. Unfortunately this will never be the reality. Just put on a tie and stand outside near the door of a fast food place or gas station. People will think you are waiting for a friend or a ride. Try the same thing but instead of the tie, wear clothes that don't match. Maybe a dirty t-shirt and old jeans. People will prepare themselves for your asking for change. We all judge others first on apearance, either conciously or unconciously. Always dress for the environment or a little nicer. It's usually always better to be over dressed than under dressed. You don't want to show up for a bussiness meeting in a tuxedo though. It's good to stand out sometimes but not too much, And for the right reasons.

How you ask
Do you smile? Do you display honor and respect in your attitude and words? What about your tone of voice? I have pesonally experienced, in many situations, the difference in getting a yes or no was based on how I asked. An example is having to use the restroom in a business with a sign that says "no public restrooms" I have kindly asked a manager "I noticed your sign says that you don't have restrooms for the public. I am in dire need of one quick. Can you direct me to the nearest one?" Now I asked I asked in all sincereity in my facial expression and kindness but urgency in my tone of voice. I was showing that I honor their rules of the house and their authority. I was also dressed well, many times with a tie because I was working in sales. I presented my problem and more often than not they would go out of their way to help me. They wanted to help me and many times would say "we have that sign up, but you can go ahead and use our restroom" More often than not, people want to help others if they feel good about the person they are helping. Their first impression of you sets the tone for the whole interaction though. Make sure you always say thank you and show grattitude for every act of grace they show you. It's good for their emotional well being and also your own.

When you ask
Timing is key. If your boss is in a bad mood, it's not the best time to ask for Friday off. You are likely to get a no. Don't interrupt someone while they are busy. Wait until things calm down so both of you can devote 100% on the conversation. If you are looking for a job and wish to speak with the manager, don't go during their peak hours. Remember, you are in their house. Consider the rules of the house. They are doing you a favor by extending their time to you. You are asking of them and they owe you nothing. For some businesses, Friday afternoon is a time that many are in a good mood awaiting the weekend.. That might be a good time to ask. Timing is key. Think about that before you just go and ask, patience on your part can sometimes work like magic.

Just like anything you do, you get better with practice. You have to be willing to try in order to learn. You will make mistakes but as long as you learn from them you will become stronger. Failure has no sting if you realize that it's a normal process when moving towards perfection.

Blessings - Rob

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