Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Don't self medicate, educate!

Don't self medicate, educate!

Today as I walked into the grocery store I was immediately greeted by temptation. Well temptation for many but fortunately I had one goal in mind, tomatoes and I was focused. When I go to a grocery store, I already know why I'm there, and why I'm not there. I also don't go hungry. I always shop around the exterior of the store and avoid the center isles. The center isles is where all the processed food is and I want to avoid it. I want to choose the whole foods. The foods that come in the form that God intended. From what I've read about nutrition, I believe this is wise. Anyways, as I walked in the store today immediately I ran into a center display of Twinkies. Followed by another center display of pie. Followed by wine, then fried chips, then soda. Not only soda, but diet soda, they say that diet is more addictive and with it's man made chemical sweeteners, I'm not sure which is worse for you. Everyone who walks into the store has to pass right by them and the store knows it's only a matter of time before they get a bite. The don't just put them there by chance. They are high impulse buy items with a high profit margin built in so naturally they want to sell more by making sure they are seen.

I couldn't help but think, with all the stress we are faced with daily, there is something here for us to self medicate. Something for all of us. Alcohol, or sugar, salt or fat. Every item mentioned above has a dramatic effect on our brain chemistry. They boost our chemicals temporarily making us feel satisfied and happy but only let us down in the long run. Not only are we not getting the nutrients we need when we eat these things but we think we are taking a short cut to happiness when in reality, these choices are only hurting us in the end. Just because something says it's food on the box, doesn't mean it has to be food for you. When we choose these so called foods, we are actually self medicating. We are choosing to get our highs from the wrong things.

People do this all the time and we hide it from others. Some self medicate with food while others it's sex or relationships. Some it's gambling, some alcohol. Some it's caffeine. Whatever it may be it's actually a counterfeit to the good highs we should seek after in life. The good highs that come from good relationships, good food, education, purpose in life, goals and direction.

We as human beings are not happy unless we have a goal in mind that we are striving for. We need something to push towards. Something to look forward to.

"He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how." -Nietzche

You have no problem enduring a 4 hour ride in an automobile when you know you are heading to an amusement park.

Instead of choosing the wrong things to self medicate, choose to educate!

Decide on a goal in your career and life then pursue the education you need to get you there. It's better to run after something challenging than to stay where you are. When humans quit reaching, we become stagnant. When water is stagnant it starts to stink. You get the point.

Don't give in to the temptation to stay the same. If you are unhappy in any area of your life, there is a reason for that. You may not see it yet but that's all the more reason to pick up a book on the subject. To learn and grow, maybe take some classes. Some classes to explore your artistic abilities. Maybe expand your horizons with some business classes. Sometimes our sad moods are a wake up call that we are supposed to be doing more in life. Sometimes we have to step out in faith and explore new things in order for us to become inspired again.

Inspiration is coming again my friend, I promise. As long as you continue to educate yourself. Choose to say no to self medication and yes to education.

Don't self medicate, educate.

Blessings -Rob

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