Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Always do what you say you will do or don't say it.

It's better to say nothing, than to say you will do something and not follow through.

We all want others in our lives that we can rely upon.

There's nothing more frustrating to an individual than dealing with someone who says they will do something, then doesn't follow through. We all want coworkers that we can rely upon. Business owners and managers want employees that can be trusted and relied upon. Our word is only as good as our reputation and our reputation is built on brick at a time by every decision we make, even the little ones. The decision to call someone back at the the time agreed. The decision to take the kids to the park like promised. If we want to be someone that people trust and rely upon, we must always strive to do what we say we are going to do. Our actions must mirror our promises completely, 100 percent of the time. Even little inconsistencies here can have huge consequences in the way others see us. When you say you will be somewhere and don't show up, people will remember that. You are painting the picture of yourself in their mind. What may seem like a small thing to you, can actually be huge in their mind. They can remember it for years. This can give them a negative view of you that may be hard to shake. In regards to relationships, what we really remember about others is simply, "how they made us feel when we were in their presence". Did we feel honored? Respected? Valued? By telling someone one thing, then doing another we are actually dishonoring them. We are sending the message that says "You are not valuable". We are saying "I don't care". We may not realize that we are saying these things, but we are saying them none the less. You have to ask yourself, "How do I feel when someone doesn't show up to meet me for coffee?" Or "how do I feel when another says they will call me back and doesn't?" You probably feel like you of little value to them. You might feel that they are not trustworthy. Your trust in that individual goes down. Even if the person had real intentions of following through but didn't. it pretty much falls into the same category as a lie. After someone lies once, it's hard to trust them again isn't it? If the lie is repeated, it just gets worse. Don't be that person. Instead choose to be a woman or man of integrity. When you speak, people will listen and believe you. You will command respect and honor for yourself because you are a person of respect and honor. People will always reflect back to you what you are giving to them.

Blessings -Rob

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