Thursday, October 14, 2010

You are not alone in your pain

You are not alone in your pain, whatever it may be. Pain, although it being uncomfortable at the time, can in many instances bring positive change to ones life. The lesson is hard while going through it, it causes us to become humble and reevaluate what is really important in our lives. You see wealthy people in pain. You see people of humble means in pain. If you are human, then you are already signed up for pain. If you aren't experiencing it now, it's coming. You can't avoid it. It's coming and it's going to change you.

Pain truly does change a person. It causes them to seek answers and find solutions. Solutions that they can later on share with others, helping them out of their pain. Some pain can be avoided by our decisions, some cannot. Life is a mystery in this way. I know that when I'm in pain, I hide it from others. I suffer in silence. I'm sure others do as well. It's one thing to be stuck in a pit with a rope to climb, it's a whole other thing to be in that pit in the dark with no rope. My heart goes out to all who suffer. May God send you someone with a rope and a flashlight. May you be the one to bring that rope and flashlight to others.

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