Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Some days may seem more challenging than others.

Some days may seem more challenging than others. This is normal. Some days you may feel like you are moving forward at 100 miles an hour, others 25. Your daily speed can fluctuate. That's ok. Its not really as important how fast you move towards your goals daily as it is the fact that you are moving forward towards them. Making progress, even if it's only a little bit, it's still progress. Give yourself credit, even for the little things. Sometimes we can be too hard on ourselves. Make sure you be your own best friend. Love yourself. Believe in yourself. Make sure you are kind and respectful when talking to yourself. Remember, you are not in a race against others. You are running your own race and as long as you stay focused on your own individual goals, you are winning. If you have an exceptionally hard day or week, avoid the pitfall of assuming that the next day or week will also be difficult. In fact the odds are in your favor of having a great day or week because you always have a choice. You can change your mind, your wisdom and approach. You can guarantee success through your thoughts and actions.

Blessings- Rob

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