Monday, October 11, 2010

Respect and honor is magnetic

Respect and honor is magnetic. There is no better way to attract others, make them remember you and make them want to help you in some way. It must be sincere though. From the heart. People can always sense a fake. True, sincere honor and respect is rare these days. When you find it, you are drawn to it. Pulled in like steel to a magnet. Everyone loves to be appreciated. Everyone loves to be loved and adored. You can always find something to admire about an individual. When you focus on the things you admire and then verbalize it to them with sincerity, you've just showered them with honor and respect. It's only considered flattery if it's insincere so it must be from the heart, what you truly believe about the individual. It all starts in your own mind. How you see others. Do you look for their faults or their strengths? Are you judging them? Are you comparing them to some unrealistic standard that you are holding in your head and withholding approval unless they meet it? Are you showing them grace? Honor starts in your mind and is an attitude. Before you even say a word to another, you are actually sending out signals that they can subconsciously receive. Signals that say I like you or I don't. I value you or I don't. This is called non verbal communication and humans communicate so much more in this way than many recognize. This is through body language, eye contact, etc. Over the years I have personally seen how much real honor and respect can open doors for you. I have received special treatment,favors,free stuff and had people help me attain my goals. From connecting well with a customer and persuading them to buy a product from me, to getting free food at a restaurant. From not having to stand in a long line at a Las Vegas night club and being escorted to the front, to getting let into the VIP lounge or private parties for free. I could tell you some amazing stories. Whatever the goal, whatever the environment, whether Church, a business or a bar, you always have to deal with people. People are what makes the world go round. Sometimes honoring a secretary, gets you in to talk to the boss. Showing kindness to a housekeeping worker at a hotel gets you extra towels, etc. People will go out of their way to help someone that makes them feel appreciated. Honor and respect is key. It's not who you know, but who you know that likes you. Sometimes a manager thinks that the way to treat his employees is to rule them with an iron scepter,making them feel inferior. That in some way, their low paying position is not as important. When in all reality, it's usually the low paying positions that have the most to do with the success of the company. Small hinges move huge doors. If a hamburger is overcooked or the fries are cold, this directly reflects on how the customer will feel about the company. Whether or not they will want to return and spend more money. If the manager fails to treat the employee with respect, he actually makes it harder on himself to attain his personal and work related goals. Who wants to work hard for a unappreciative jerk? Now on the other hand, as he shows appreciation, honor and respect for his employees, they want too work hard for him. They want to help him achieve his goals of running a successful business and making customers happy. Honor and respect is key. Try it out today and get a taste of what I'm talking about. Go out today and show extra honor and respect for everyone you come in contact with. Even the grouchy ones if you run into them. Try to find something good about them that you can appreciate. Observe how others attitude towards you is a direct reflection of your attitude towards them. I've made grouchy frowns turn to smiles. Go out and make peoples day brighter and watch how bright your own day becomes. It's like magic, seriously.......

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