Saturday, October 30, 2010

Prosperity is not scarce in a your abundantly supplied world

Consider this. Your feelings follow your thoughts. It doesn't matter if the thoughts are true or untrue. We all have true and untrue thoughts. When you dwell on negative, untrue thoughts about your life or situation, you will feel negative. Even if your circumstances are neutral or even positive. In fact, most are probably neutral and many positive. Your feelings just follow your thoughts though. The problem lies in all the negative untrue judgments we sometimes make about our lives or even about other people. We can change this though if we catch ourselves doing this and correct it repeatedly. We will develop new mental habits of thinking positive.

Develop the habit of always trying to see and expect the positive out of every situation and in others. You will be amazed! Seriously, if you aren't doing this already, do it for one day or one week and see if you don't experience amazing life change. You will begin to see that some things you may have held as impossible for you may actually be possible. You will be amazed because we are pretty much our own self fulfilling prophecy. We receive back from others, what we give out. The world is not against us. It's not a hard life. Prosperity is not scarce in your abundantly supplied world. It's possible to prosper in any economy. In almost any circumstance. It's not as much about what is happening to us as it is how we choose to see it and then react to it. Life is just awaiting our recognition of this. When you do recognize this, you will get busy pursuing the things that you really want in life because you will know that they are yours for the having. You will understand that no matter what life sends your way, you will have the strength, determination and resources needed to deal with it. You will find happiness, not by searching far, deep and wide for it, but just by realizing it was there all the time in abundance but you just hadn't perceived it.

Blessings- Rob

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