Saturday, October 9, 2010

Positive self expectancy is like the oil in your engine

It takes the same amount of mental energy to believe something will work as it does to believe that it won't work. Don't talk yourself out of success before you even try. This reminds me of a joke my father told me. A young man was driving down a old country road in the middle of the night when suddenly, he heard the repetitive thump of a flat tire. He pulled to the side of the road, got out of his car to inspect and sure enough, he had a flat. Miles from any public services and without mobile phone service, he realize that he was going to have to fix the flat or be stuck on the side of the road till morning. The only problem was that when he began to search for his jack, he realized that he had taken it out weeks earlier and forgot to put it back in the car. He had the spare tire but just needed the jack. He scanned the horizon and under the starlight he could barely make out a farm house in the distance. He decided to give it a shot, maybe the farmer had a jack he could borrow. Now has he began to walk down the road in that direction, some thoughts came to him as he noticed that all the lights were out. He thought, "It's the middle of the night." "I'm going to wake the farmer up, he's probably going to be angry." "He probably won't loan me a jack anyways." "He'll probably yell at me, maybe even tell me to get off his property while scolding me for disrupting his sleep." "Can't you see the lights are out boy!!" As the young man got closer and closer to the farm house, he got more and more apprehensive about knocking on the farmers door. His mind raced with the same repetitive negative thoughts. So much that he became pretty much convinced that the whole thing was a bad idea and was going to be a negative experience. Finally as he reached the house, he reluctantly knocked on the door awaiting impending doom. The light flipped on in the back of the house. He could hear some noise in the house. The mans heart raced. After about thirty seconds, that seemed like an eternity, finally the front door opened and the farmer said "yes". The young man blurted out "Fine!! Nevermind!!! I don't want your Jack anyway!!!" and walked away briskly, upset at the farmer. The farmer just stood there puzzled. I thought this story was hilarious and a great way to illustrate a point. In the story, before he even got to the house, the young man had convinced himself of failure. He thought of all the reasons that it wouldn't work out rather than all the reasons it would. In his own mind, he had convinced himself that the farmer was going to say no,be angry and reject him, so much that he reacted before giving the poor farmer a chance to answer him. So many times, we can do the same thing in life. Maybe not as extreme as the this story illustrates. We should be careful that we don't let limiting beliefs hold us back from our dreams. Maybe that beautiful girl will go out with you if you only ask. In fact, maybe she's thinking you are pretty hot stuff yourself, yet doesn't have the confidence to ask you out. Maybe that promotion at work is awaiting you but if you don't get it, it's not because you aren't qualified, maybe the other guy asked the manager for it and you didn't. Don't short change yourself in your own imagination. Learn to cultivate positive expectations and eliminate negative limiting ones. Don't think that you won't be successful when like I said before, it takes the same amount of mental energy to believe that you will. It's amazing how much an attitude of "positive self expectancy" can revolutionize your life. How it can speed up you achieving your goals. Positive self expectancy is like the oil in your engine. Blessings -Rob

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