Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Live each day with purpose

Live each day with purpose, live each hour with purpose. Develop the habit of deciding how your day will be, then staying on course through constant self reminders. Remind yourself daily of your strengths. This is who you are and where the secret to your purpose lies. You Are not made for everything but you are made for something. Once you discover who you are, stay in the center of this purpose. It's there that you will be most effective and fulfilled. I'm reminded of a great analogy to teach the importance and power of staying focused. A 100 watt light bulb can light up a room with it's 100 watts of light energy. That same 100 watts of light energy, when highly focused and directed becomes a laser and has the ability to burn through steel. What's the difference in the light bulb and the laser? It's focus. As it is with a laser, so it is with you. Don't underestimate what you can achieve when you stay focused on a goal. It's true, in this day and age, we all must juggle many things, but your ability to stay focused on a few things, doing them well, rather than many, will make you most effective. Each day is full of opportunities presented to us as well as distractions. Our ability to recognize the difference is of utmost importance to our success. Every minute of your day has a purpose. It's your responsibility to asign it the correct one. Stay on course, others depend on you being the best you possible. Never before in history, nor in the future will there ever be another you. No one brings to this world what you do. Too many people in life spend so much of their time trying to be like others rather than celebrating their own uniqueness. Remember, you can choose to be a mediocre copy, or an amazing original. The world doesn't need another copy but it's yearning for another original.

Blessings -Rob

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