Monday, October 11, 2010

Don't wait for others to recognize the greatness in you before you do

Don't wait for others to recognize the greatness in you before you do or you could be waiting forever. There is a McDonalds near to where I live that I have been visiting for many years. There is a nice older woman who works there. She has worked there for many years. I would see her from time to time as I stop in. I stopped in today and saw her working but something was diferent about her. She was dressed professionally, white shirt,etc. Just like the other managers. Now last time I remember seeing her, that was not the case. She obviously had been pretty recently promoted. I asked her how long she had been a manager and she told me a year. She then proceeded to tell me that she had worked there twelve years. I told her "wow! It's about time." her face lit up with the biggest smile. I imagined all of creation rejoicing in her final promotion to management as the Haleluah chorus played. Seriously. She earned it. She was always running around busy when I would see her. This time, I noticed that something else about here seemed different. Not just her new clothes and nametag displaying her management status. But something about the way she carried herself. The gleam in her eye as she held direct eye contact with me. The confidence in her demeanor. I hadn't noticed this the last time I had seen her which was before her promotion. Her new found confidence had to have come from the change in her self concept. It wasn't just that now she had more responsibilities but it was a change in how she saw herself. Now she dresses and acts like a manager, like a leader. Her belief about herself has changed. She must see herself differently now than before when she was just a regular employee for eleven years. It was pretty amazing to see how much she had changed just by someone believing in her enough to promote her. It makes me wonder though, what if she would have saw herself this way she does now many years before? Surely it doesn't take eleven years to finally qualify for promotion at McDonalds right? Maybe if she would have saw herself as a manager earlier someone would have recognized her leadership qualities and promoted her much sooner. Maybe she had to wait eleven years until someone finally felt obligated enough to promote her simply because she had been there longer than anyone else. Kinda like a cushy government job where promotions aren't always given on merit but senority. People act in accordance to their beliefs about themselves. Your beliefs about yourself determine the image that you send out to others. Others treat you in accordance to the image you send out. When you believe you are a leader, you act like a leader. Your actions will always follow your beliefs. As a leader, you take responsibillity for your surroundings. You are always ready to put out extra effort just to improve a situation. Problems don't intimidate you, you see them as challenges you need to overcome. An opportunity to use your problem solving skills. As you provide solutions to the problems around you this gives you an opportunity to shine. Your value as an employee is determined by the problems you solve. As a problem solver, you make your company and boss look good too. When you act like a leader who cares about the well being of the establishment and not there just to get a check, you autimaticly qualify for promotion. It's just a matter of time. If they don't ask you to take a position, you will be asking them. Or you will outgrow your environment an find the promotion somewhere else where someone else will celebrate you and your excellent character. Promotion is awaiting all of us but it all starts in our minds. It has everything to do with your self concept. As you change your beliefs about yourself you will change your position. As they say "what happens in the mind, happens in time". Blessings to you all, I hope this helped you in some way. -Rob

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