Monday, September 27, 2010

Small Decisions

Hey friend, don't forget that small decisions can have a huge effect on your life and overall well being. Every decision counts. The decision to eat a healthy meal over fast food. The decision to surround yourself with positive friends and stay away from negative people. The decision on who's voice you decide to listen to and who you ignore. Small keys unlock huge doors. A crack addict became an addict, the first time he/she decided to take that first hit. Not only did they make that first bad decision but even before that one, they chose to even be around that environment. Successful people realize that their destiny is in their own hands. That their success or failure is contained in their ability to make good decisions. Quit putting off the decision to make healthy changes in your life. Every small battle won is a step towards winning the war. Make small faithful changes by making small good decisions and sticking with them. God bless you all. -Rob

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