Monday, August 16, 2010

Lemons to lemonade?

Two men, one optimist one pessimist. Both wake up in the morning open their front door to view their yard, only to find that a huge truck load of lemons have been dumped there.

The pessimist starts to get angry, gets himself all worked up and starts yelling. "what the #@$$@!!" "who the %$^$ did this to me!!!" "Most assuredly some enemy did this!!" His day is ruined for sure. Not just his day, but for weeks and even months after this every time he thinks about the incident he re lives the experience. Anger and all. The pessimist ends up paying some guy to come and remove the lemons from his lawn.

Now the optimist on the other hand, views the incident in a entirely different way. As he opens his door and sees the huge pile of lemons, he is excited. He laughs out loud and says "what?" He is so surprised to see such a random thing so early in the morning. With a bewildered look on his face, he scratches his chin and says, "where did all those lemons come from?" "Why are they here?" He laughs again, "Oh well, they are here and since they are on my lawn, I guess they are mine now." He begins to think creatively "what could I do with all these lemons?" The optimist gets an idea, he then proceeds to put action to his plan. He ends up squeezing the lemons, adding some sugar and making lemonade. He then proceeds to sell that lemonade and makes a pretty good profit for his fresh squeezed lemonade. He then realizes that since there is such a demand for fresh squeezed lemonade and since he's an expert at it now, he could continue to make and sell it to a profit. His own business is born. Since he has to buy his lemons now to squeeze, he doesn't make as much on each glass as he did on the free lemons, but still makes out pretty good on each glass. This business continues to provide him with income for many years.

The same situation was presented to both the optimist and the pessimist. What made the pessimist upset, angry and cost him money was the same thing that made the optimist laugh, and much money for many years to come through his new "lemon inspired" business.

The lesson here?
Your perspective on what happens to you is more important than what happens to you. How you choose to see the world and then react to the things it sends your way is so important. It literally means the difference between success and failure. Everyone has good and bad things happen to them. Most events though are actually neutral though and good things can even be found in the bad things that happen, if you look for them.

I encourage you to become more of a positive optimist. It takes the same amount of mental energy to see the world through these glasses as it does through a pessimistic view. A positive mental attitude and belief system isn't everything, but it is the foundation to true success and happiness.

Rob Lovegreen
Artist/Music producer

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  1. That's so cool that you met Brian Welch. I loved Korn when I was younger, but Brian is a HUGE inspiration, considering what he overcame. Keep staying positive, Rob. :)